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To: Stephen Foole and Y2KProphylactic (one can dream...) and your ilk:

Get out of my bed. If I'd wanted you to screw me, I'd have asked.

Instead, you are WASTING MY TIME. (You don't care, of course, because your staggering arrogance exceeds your intelligence, but...) how pathetically empty is your life that you can spare the resources to dick-waddle MY search for useful information?? Have you ever seen someone die? If you had, you'd know how precious time is. Who the hell are you to question my desire to care for those I love? What I learn here is useful under ANY circumstances. Why does that scare you so badly?

You won't believe that I much prefer your laughing at me 01.01.00 to my poking a stick in your dead belly.

Spam all you like. I'm from the south--we prefer it to bacon.

-- yeah, right (dovetailer@earthlink.net), June 04, 1999

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