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Rachel Welzsteon translates the German word for wedding, hochzeit, into English as high time. The author believes marriage is down hill from that point. She wants high times all the time and finds that any man wearing a wedding ring, is disturbing to her, because that indicates there is a level of intimacy that she can never reach with that person.

She goes on to express that she would be jealous sharing a man with a child that a relationship with a man would altimately produce. Therefore she doesn't want any commitments, no husband and no children.

She carries an idealized image of herself as one walking city streets at dusk, hair charmingly mussed and wearing her long black cape. But suddenly her dream becomes a nightmare. She gives birth, to a child that stains her cape and needs her. Now what will she do? This dream contrasts her next vision of spending her life alone. She looks down that dreary future into her 30's, 40's and 50's empty and in solitude. She feels strange by the long road ahead and repulsed by joining in any traditional responsibility or restrictions.

The poor girl is captive by her own freedom. Why can't I write my own rules. If I want many lovers to satisfy my emotional needs, and give me everything I need now, why can't I? Your rules are so restrictive to my behavior. Married men take your rings off! Even though she sees what lies ahead she will not heed the warning of her second thought.

Unless someone influences her to a more outside focus than she has, she is destined to go that road of loneliness where no one wants to be. Selfcenteredness is a place of sadness. I'm sure she will see others going that way to but they all still end up alone.

Marriage is not always the answer for everyone either. Some people find happiness,and fullfillment in other ways. Giving yourself away for others is a sure recipe to finding your life. It is said the barren person will have more children then the child bearers. But saving herself for her own edification and desires is a sure way to lose her life. The poor soul.

-- Anonymous, June 03, 1999

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