Y2K Update: Asia

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Just two stories from Asia.

Maersk Ready For Y2K Smooth Sailing By Staff Writer, IT Daily.

Shipping company Maersk Line has announced that it will soon complete a four-year long Y2K audit and rectification program, fully preparing it for any threat from potential Year 2000 problems.

As early as 1995, Maersk started implementing a comprehensive Y2K strategy to identify all areas of potential risk and undertake measures to address all possible problems.

Maersk devised a Year 2000 program to address problems at both a corporate level and in each country at a local level.

Maersk's strategy identified five distinct areas that were susceptible to computer glitches and breakdowns at the beginning of 2000: mainframes and other applications, communications networks, physical production equipment, suppliers and customers.


Thai Stock Exchange System Clears Y2K Test By Staff Writer, The Nation.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) said yesterday its computerized trading system had passed a comprehensive compliance test to iron out Y2K bug-related problems.

The exchange said in a statement that the test, conducted on Saturday, had involved all connected systems and networks, including those of member companies, and subscribers to the SET's information service systems.

Somkid Jiranuntarat, a SET senior vice president, said all the systems tested had been found to be 100-per cent Y2K-compliant. The exchange will test other related systems on June 5.

A Y2K test assesses the ability of computer systems to recognize the year 2000. Many computers were programmed in such a way that they either will not know how to interpret the double zeros used to designate the year 2000, or will interpret them as 1900, causing the computers to fail.

-- y2k dave (xsdaa111@hotmail.com), June 02, 1999


Have you ever been to Thailand? I have. Cock fights in every alley, people washing dishes and drinking water from thier sewer system....I have no doubts that THIS is the country who's Stock exchange has beaten all others in "complete, 100% compliance of thier systems and ALL innerconnected partners exchanging information." At least the majority of THAT country's population won't be thrown into shock and dismay once the truth rears it's ugly head!

-- Will continue (farming@home.com), June 02, 1999.

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