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you have to have real audio to listen to the following interview:

About 2 hours and 15 minutes into the interview is the discussion about the national guard strategy. I look forward to any National Guard servicemen's comments.

-- OR (, June 02, 1999


Just recently got out. I'm not gonna listen to 2hrs and 15 min. so tell me what it is you need confirmed and maybe I can help.

-- Johnny (JLJTM@BELLSOUTH.NET), June 02, 1999.

Johnny, in REALAUDIO (tm) you can dial ahead onthe timer.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, June 03, 1999.

I got out in March and had not heard or seen anything to make me think this is true. I will see several friends this week and will ask each about it. I share your concern.

-- Johnny (JLJTM@BELLSOUTH.NET), June 03, 1999.

well, OR, what about summarizing the relevant parts for us here?

-- jocelyne slough (, June 03, 1999.

To summarize, Colonel Al Cuppet, 20 years in the Army, 6 years on the joint chiefs of staff has stated that the National Guard has been dis- armed, having been required to turn in all arms to federal bases. This has supposedly been going on for a year, but more fervently in the last couple of months.

-- OR (, June 03, 1999.

My husband just got out of the Guard the 31 May and to my recollection, they have never had arms permanently issued to them. They are issued several times a year during week end drills when they go out on the range for practise shoots. Same with the missiles etc. for the helicopters. They do their live ammo shooting at the range during summer camp, although more and more it is done with lasers to laser receptive targets that light up when they get a "hit".

-- Valkyrie (, June 03, 1999.

Valkrie, you can assist us further in understanding by telling us where the guard is supposed to get their arms in the event of an emergency or conflict requiring arms. Anyone in the guard should be aware of the answer. After all, they have been practicing to use arms.

Thank you.

-- OR (, June 03, 1999.

Sorry-my puter cant work with the newer real audio files.

It helps to know what the concern so clues can be found in other areas.


National Guard Magazine--June 1999

Return Fire
The "Five Rs" of Army Integration and the Crucial Element
By Maj. Gen. William A. Navas Jr. (ret.) ngmag/fire699.htm


The Army and Air Force secretaries each have responsibilities under both Title 10 and Title 32. Title 10 provides policy guidance and authority to the secretary - who is appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate - with respect to the Army and its reserve components. Title 32 provides additional policy guidance and authority specific to administering, equipping and training members and units of the National Guard when they are not in active federal status. The secretary delegates some Title 10 responsibilities to the Army chief of staff and some Title 32 responsibilities to the NGB chief.


-- Diane J. Squire (, June 03, 1999.

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