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I am a newbie in the arena of y2k preparedness, although I have been working y2k projects for some time. Yeah, I finaly woke up. Anyway I world like to know what "IMHO" and y2k "GI" mean...along with any other y2k specific lingo....anyone have a list of jargon?

-- MidwestMike_ (midwestmike_@hotmail.com), June 02, 1999


IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

GI = Get It

DGI = Don't Get It

DWGI = Don't Wanna Get It

LOL = Laughing Out Loud

ROTF = Rolling On The Floor...



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-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), June 02, 1999.

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-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), June 02, 1999.


Welcome. I think you'll find this forum to be very informative (although sometimes you have to overlook the 'trolls'-those who seem to post to stir up trouble without contributing.)

Diane has gotten you started with some info. I suggest also that you scroll through the Recent Answers section and look for threads posted by either Rob Michaels or Stan Faryna (sp? Sorry, Stan.) Both of these men have been starting threads for 'newbies'-those just GI, who are trying to figure out where to start in their preparations.

Don't try to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, the information put together by Rob and Stan will save you many hours of panic and confusion.

Again, welcome. Linda

PS Under the Recent Answers section, there's a thread started Monday or Tuesday by Willcontinue about who we are and where we're from-I forget the name of the thread but when I checked it yesterday it had 122 answers, so look for a large number of answers and you will 'meet' lots of us.

-- newbiebutnodummy (Linda@home.com), June 02, 1999.

A few more:

TBH = The Big Hoax (the extreme pollyanna position) BITR = Bump In The Road (the less extreme pollyanna position) MG = Middle Ground (where I find myself most days) TEOTW = The End Of The World (the extreme doomer position) TEOTAWKI = The End Of The World As We Know It (less extreme doomer position) ELE = Extinction-Level Event (the end of the human species)


GOA = US Government Accounting Office FAA = US Federal Aviation Administration IRS = Internal Revenue Service DOD = Department of Defense NSA = National Security Agency CIA = Central Intelligence Agency FCC = Federal Communucations Commission SEC = Securities & Exchange Commission SSA = Social Security Administration FDIC = Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


FWIW = For what it's worth BTW = By the way

-- Arnie Rimmer (Arnie_Rimmer@usa.net), June 02, 1999.

BUDGIE......Bloody Unintelligent Dysfunctional Get It Extremist GNATSHIT......Gary North And Those Silly Headcases In Tow TEOTWAGWIAPBGGG........The End Of The World As Gary Wants It As Promoted By Gary's Gibbled Groupies WAGTHEDOG......We're All Going To Hell Except Doters Of Gary POOPOV.......Proponents Of Other Points Of View.....also affectionately know as Russian Shit. ITSAMADMADWORLD.....Its The Same Always Missing A Digit Missing A Digit We're On Really Lousy Data

-- Craig (craig@ccinet.ab.ca), June 02, 1999.

Craig: what's up.

-- Lisa (lisa@work.now), June 02, 1999.

WTSHTF = When The Sh*t Hits The Fan SOL = Sh*t Outta Luck

-- expletive deleted (*@*.com), June 02, 1999.

Thought of another: YMMV-Your mileage may vary. Linda

PS I see you found the 'intro' post. Glad you made it.

-- newbiebutnodummy (Linda@home.com), June 02, 1999.

IMNSHO = In my not so humble opinion. For those of us who find it hard to be humble...

-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), June 02, 1999.

I can't find the thread! We had a pretty good list going a while back. Maybe Kevin, Diane or one of our other "search engines" will find it... <:)=

-- Sysman (y2kboard@yahoo.com), June 02, 1999.

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