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Hot off the presses!

A good indication of what Canada is up to. I have listed the recommendations of the members. One thing that impresses me about the report is that it took less than a month to hear the witnesses and get the report tabled. This is indeed an achievement.

There are less than rosy pictures in the document but alot more confidence than the US. Up hear in Canada we can read the testimony (which is not all up yet) here is the link and below that is the recommendations.

 Report Number 18


Recommendation 1

That health care facilities and agencies provide Y2K
readiness information to their provincial and territorial
governments in a timely fashion to ensure that
governments can monitor province-wide contingency
plans, and share this information with Health Canada
and the National Contingency Planning Group.

Recommendation 2

That the federal, provincial and territorial ministers of
Health determine whether health care products should
be stockpiled; in the affirmative, that these ministers
urgently develop a policy on a rational allocation
system, both domestically and internationally.

Recommendation 3

That the deadline for the accelerated capital cost
allowance (CCA) deductions of up to $50,000
available to small- and medium-sized enterprises for
computer hardware and software acquired in order to
replace equipment that is not Year 2000 compliant be
extended from June 30, 1999 to October 31, 1999.

Recommendation 4

That the federal government, recognizing the limited
resources available to the non-profit sector, provide,
at no charge to voluntary organizations, the Year 2000
First Step program to assess their Y2K readiness.

Recommendation 5

That all levels of government offer assistance to the
voluntary sector to help it solve its Y2K problems, and
co-ordinate contingency planning to safeguard the
clients of the voluntary organizations.

Recommendation 6

That all levels of government design their Y2K
communications campaigns to be consistent about their
Y2K preparedness. These campaigns should inform
citizens of any emergency preparedness precautions
they should take.

Recommendation 7

That all organizations, both public and private, be
encouraged to manage their Y2K remediation plans to
ensure that completion dates are not allowed to slip.

Recommendation 8

That all organizations, both public and private, that do
not have comprehensive contingency and business
resumption plans prepare them immediately.

-- Brian (, June 02, 1999


Thanks for an informative post Brian.

-- Rob Michaels (, June 02, 1999.

Thanks, Brian. You're doing an excellent job of keeping us informed!

-- Rachel Gibson (, June 02, 1999.

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