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I would like to obtain a up to date copy of my credit reference file, how do i go about it and how much will it cost, thank you, I look forward to your reply. My home address is 137B Stroud Road, Gloucester. GL1 5JL

-- Steve Ricketts (, June 02, 1999



You have to write to Experian and Equifax, both whose addresses are given in the Blacklisted? section of the Home Repossession Page and supply them each with a #2 postal order (or cheque).

Your local CAB will also have the red pamphlet that the OFT puts out on credit references and how to get, read and clean up the errors in your own reference.

I'd also advise requesting information that is held on you by any other organisation that you have applied for credit from - there's a lot more to this industry than Experian and Equifax. This too is detailed in the Blacklisted? section.


-- Lee (, June 02, 1999.

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