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Kevin Erickson Language Arts Curriculum For Second Grade M. Ed. Project #2 / Intl Falls Cohort 1998-1999

Recently, along with two other teachers, I helped develop a K - 3 Language Arts curriculum to be used in the Indus School for the upcoming school year of 1999-2000. My main focus was developing the second grade curriculum. Below is a brief explanation of what I accomplished and another area of the curriculum I would like to improve for my students, computer technology. I have also attached the completed Language Arts Curriculum I developed.

Language Arts

The language arts curriculum that I developed was an interesting and fun assignment for me. The main focus was trying to figure out how to cover all the learning areas in the Language Arts. This was a hard task but hopefully I have hit all the important areas that need to be covered by second graders. I will be using a literature based approach as a means of teaching reading skills to the second graders while installing in each one of them a love or interest in books. My second graders will also be encouraged to participate in an independent reading program outside of the classroom. I believe this will be a big factor in helping them follow and understand their Language Arts curriculum. Learning centers placed in the classroom will also be part of the curriculum. Second grade is a year of excitement for the children as they discover how to utilize the skills introduced at the Kindergarten and first grade level in various ways. I believe that the curriculum I have created will bring intellectual stimulation and enjoyment into the lives of my second graders.


After taking several graduate level computer technology classes I am better equipped to integrate the use of computers in my classroom. Beginning next year I will have my students use computers daily to enhance their learning. I have purchased a wide collection of software that will be used in the classroom to meet the individual Kevin Erickson - Project #2 Continued. needs and abilities of my students in second grade. Problem solving and logical thinking are some things that will be developed through the use of a computer- assisted program.

-- Anonymous, June 01, 1999

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