HP 2000/2500CP Invalid Local Printer

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After installing PosterShop 4.5 on a NT4 sp3 machine I try to setup our DesignJet 2500CP in the Tools_Setup Printer menu, but the program reports the printer status as "Invalid Local Printer" and the buttons for "Edit info", "Set As Default", and "Setup Defalult" are gray and cannot be used. The same thing shows for the 2000CP printer, but all the other printers report ok. What am I doing wrong? /mats

-- Anonymous, June 01, 1999


This is a problem with the original release of PosterShop 4.5. Your hardware key is programmed to only allow the HP DesignJet 2000/2500 printers and not the HP DesignJet 3000/3500 printers. There was a problem in the logic of the Installation program where the shared "HP2000CP" driver .DLL files were not copied during installation if you didn't have the HP 3000 bits set in the hardware key. To remedy this problem, please contact ONYX at (801)568-9900 and talk to your sales representative about getting an updated re- release of PosterShop 4.5. You may also contact your dealer and get the re-release through them. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

-- Anonymous, June 01, 1999

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