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My apologies. I was most unclear about what I was asking for in my previous thread!!! (sorry, I'm new at this) I'd like to have EVERYONE post thier state or country ONLY, ok? Let's see where our group "hails" from. Where will all the preparers be making thier stands? How many in Oklahoma or Virginia or Canada? Let's show Ed how far and how many he "touched"! One more time, please? KANSAS

-- Will continue (, May 31, 1999


Illinios, USA I Thank You more than words can say. Bulldog

-- bulldog (, May 31, 1999.



-- Diane J. Squire (, May 31, 1999.

California (Silicon Valley area)

-- Diane J. Squire (, May 31, 1999.


-- American (, May 31, 1999.

illinois! many contrails!

-- ed (, May 31, 1999.

correction: CHEMTRAILS!

-- ed (, May 31, 1999.

Hard and fast in Oregon

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 31, 1999.

eastern Idaho, and not the northern part. Nice place, lots of farmers and rednecks - folks worthy of trust, and willing to call a spade a spade.

-- nobody (, May 31, 1999.

Just down the road from Old Git.

-- nucpwr (, May 31, 1999.

Ontario, Canada - I'm staying put!

-- citygirl (, May 31, 1999.

Northern California

-- Old Gramma (, May 31, 1999.

GEORGIA: ~85 miles NNW of Atlanta.

-- Dave Walden (, May 31, 1999.

MISSOURI in the Ozarks

-- Scat (, May 31, 1999.

FLORIDA...Ocala National Forest, dead center between the Gulf and the Atlantic and about 110 miles south of Georgia.

Gotta map and colored pins? Taz

-- Taz (Tassie, May 31, 1999.

SW, Fl

-- Charon (, May 31, 1999.

boston, mass.

-- shell (, May 31, 1999.

South the hell out of Atlanta....

-- anon (, May 31, 1999.

GA, Northwest quadrant, about 80 miles south of the TN line.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, May 31, 1999.


-- anita (, May 31, 1999.

Eastern KANSAS!

-- Wilferd (, May 31, 1999.

Vancouver, WA (Still not far enough from Portland!)

-- Joe Blow (, May 31, 1999.

Eastern North Carolina

-- mb (, May 31, 1999.

"Still not far enough from Portland!"  heeheeheeheeheee, neither are we!

Thought It Might Be Interesting To Find Out Where Everyone Is From...

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, May 31, 1999.

South of Rochester, NY where Y2k is a unknown word to most.

-- Rickjohn (, May 31, 1999.

New Mexico

-- Dog (, May 31, 1999.

Chautauqua County, New York!

Hey RickJohn... Wanna get our heads together?

Jackie Joy

-- housemouse (, May 31, 1999.

Cincinnati, Ohio

-- Bill P (, May 31, 1999.

Beautiful upcountry South Carolina

-- Ruby Lipps (, May 31, 1999.


-- SH (, May 31, 1999.

US-Russian Border

-- Dangerclose (, May 31, 1999.

Actually in north Miss'ippi!

-- Sylvia (in Miss'ippi) (, May 31, 1999.

Nashville,TN but hopefully farther out by 2000

-- Tony C. (, May 31, 1999.

North East Texas, but looking REAL hard at the Ozarks. Thanks Ed.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, May 31, 1999.

From the land of 10,000 lakes - or is it now 15,000 - MINNESOTA!

-- luann (, May 31, 1999.

San Jose, CA ---- Silicon Valley

-- helium (, May 31, 1999.

Eastern Iowa

-- Arnie Rimmer (, May 31, 1999.

We are in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mts. of NC. So very grateful that home is truely the best place to be any day, including Jan. 1, 2000. (I always knew all those years of wrestling with tire chains through mud and snow, carrying or dragging supplies in when the chains and 4 wheel drive weren't enough would pay off some day!)

-- Lilly (, May 31, 1999.

Georgia, 45 miles southwest of Atlanta.

-- Jill D. (, May 31, 1999.

Washington, DC!

-- Libby Alexander (, May 31, 1999.

5 Mi NE of Wash DC (across the street from 7-11) going to mountains 110 mi away

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), May 31, 1999.

Brooklyn, NY and preping in a small town in NJ...

-- pshannon (, May 31, 1999.

Preparing here in Northern Michigan Just South of the Mackinac Bridge.

-- GI in Mi. (, May 31, 1999.

Somewhere in the beautiful Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia!

-- Bingo1 (, May 31, 1999.

Hamilton, North Island, New Zealand

-- Bob Barbour (, May 31, 1999.

Mid NJ. Why? Beats me. May change soon... <:)=

-- Sysman (, May 31, 1999.

I'll be laughing at the death lovers cowering in their bunkers from the middle of Waco Texas.

-- Y2K Pro (, May 31, 1999.

Kalamazoo, Michigan. Just moving out of town.

-- Jon Williamson (, May 31, 1999.

arkansas (don't blame me......*I* didn't vote for him)

-- andrea (, May 31, 1999.

Louisiana, SW, far enough from Houston and Baton Rouge, but the nearest GI I know lives in the Keystone State. These cajuns "Let The Good Times Roll" and will be mightly surprised with the "roll-over!" (01-01-2000)

-- Carol (, May 31, 1999.

Huntsville, Alabama.

-- Flint (, May 31, 1999.

North-Central Texas

-- Tweak (, May 31, 1999.

Lawton(Ft.Sill), in SW Oklahoma!

-- jeanne (, May 31, 1999.

Central Florida (somewhat south of Taz, I think).

-- Spindoc' (, May 31, 1999.

Eastern Iowa and loving it. Very peaceful for now.

-- y2k dave (, May 31, 1999.

Phoenix metropolitan area...

Got water?

-- ariZONEa (, May 31, 1999.

WISCONSIN The best place to be if you have plenty of firewood!

-- BiGG (, May 31, 1999.

upstate New York! got can openers? hello to S. Faryna...

-- churchorganist (, May 31, 1999.

SE Florida

-- (, May 31, 1999.

Wilamette Valley, Oregon But keeping my options and eyes/ears open!!

Hey Ashton and Leska...Lets have lunch

-- unspun@lright (, May 31, 1999.

Northease Ohio, round Cleveland.

Or perhaps Stockton, NY.

Or perhaps Waterville, NY.


who is of 3 minds and maybe a fourth.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 31, 1999.

About 40 miles northwest of Houston, Texas. Hot and humid, but on the upside, we're eating lots of veggies from the garden already. :-)

-- Gayla Dunbar (, May 31, 1999.

Y2kpro said "I'll be laughing at the death lovers cowering in their bunkers from the middle of Waco Texas."

That sure does clear up a whole bunch of stuff here.

-- Wiseguy (, May 31, 1999.

PS Housemouse: We'll buyt the icecream at Aldrich's about Aug 7 or 8. e us if you want. chuck and Mrs Driver

-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 31, 1999.

Northern New Jersey


-- TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), May 31, 1999.

Oh yea, BronXXX NY NY.

-- Wiseguy (, May 31, 1999.


Got sunscreen?

-- Julie (Hot@Home.Com), May 31, 1999.

Southern California Coast, but hoping to get out of the desert before TSHTF.

Thanks to everyone here for the help. I only became a GI last Dec.98 so I still have a long way to go to be ready.


-- Lora Ereshan (, May 31, 1999.

Hunkerin' down in the western N.C. mountains.

-- Clyde (, May 31, 1999.

Don't you people realize you've been had??? Ed Yourdon has bailed off the Y2K radar screen because if things don't get bad, he'll be long forgotten by the end of the year. Sheeple have short memories.

Why put all that work into something and then bail out. He's dumb like a fox and took all our money with him. I wonder who the sheeple REALLY are???

Been had big time.

-- Sucka (, May 31, 1999.

On a hilltop out in Texas!

-- LindaO (, May 31, 1999.

Siskiyou, State of Jefferson (far northern Calif.)

-- marsh (, May 31, 1999.

High up in the Sierra Nevadas of California

-- Ruth the Moab (, May 31, 1999.

Central NJ, about 50 miles west of NYC.

-- Thinman (, May 31, 1999.

Skagit County, Washington State - Thank you all for being here! I am taking precautions for myself and my 75 year old mother. She uses medications, and through reading all the informative posts I am sure I am prepared to take care of almost all of our basic needs! I am scared, scared to death actually. But you wonderful people give me courage and at least don't have to fear as much as I would without you.

-- Sammie Davis (, May 31, 1999.

Eastern Washington State in a rural neighborhood of 10 well-prepared, like-minded households.

-- RUOK (, May 31, 1999.

Still here in north-central New Mexico,...

-- Roger (, May 31, 1999.

Central Iowa

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (, June 01, 1999.

Originally from NC, the Fayetteville area; moved in December of 1998 here to Birmingham, AL. :)

To Clyde who lives in Western NC: you're living where I WANT to live. Birmingham's as close as I can get to mountains and still find a decent job . .. ... ...

(If WWNC in Asheville, NC ever needs an engineer, let me know!)

-- Stephen M. Poole, CET (, June 01, 1999.

Northern California. 100 miles north of Sacramento.

-- Homeschooling Grandma (, June 01, 1999.

Chicago (North Shore) - Yeah, we got water.

-- Hawthorne (00@00.COM), June 01, 1999.

Alexandria Virginia - three exits down from the Pentagon...heading for Missouri later this summer (we hope).


-- Arlin H. Adams (, June 01, 1999.

Washington County, Maine.

-- && (&&@&&.&), June 01, 1999.

Bothell Wa.......probably too close to Seattle. Our police went through riot training last weekend!

Bothell now . . . . not the brothell at 1600 in the other washington!

-- Robert Ludwig (, June 01, 1999.

Georgia, about 60 miles SW of Atlanta.

-- Dian (, June 01, 1999.

watchin' and waitin' from the burbs of Big D.

-- Moze (, June 01, 1999.

Victorville, CA

-- Michelle (, June 01, 1999.

Dallas Tx for now but hope to be in central Ok buy the end of summer! Thanks for all that u have done Ed...U have been a God Send!

-- Mary (, June 01, 1999.

Yakima Washington - the desert half of the "evergreen state"

-- Kimbo (, June 01, 1999.

a little village in New Mexico!!!

-- ALURKER (, June 01, 1999.

Damm 1 other Canadian on the list, no wonder I feel so lonely *BG*

Vancouver Island Canada


-- Brian (, June 01, 1999.

Southern California, near the port of Los Angeles.

Mike =====================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, June 01, 1999.

Wyoming. Not close to anything. Or anybody. Well...there are those missile silos...

-- Don (, June 01, 1999.

Someone on my militia network sent me Blind Man"s Bluff Mar. 98 and have been preparing ever since. I have been investigated by the sheriff, the feds (who like to hunt deer on my farmand &inspect everything here, and some have said, "This is a real working farm" ) Surprise surprise! I invited them to come back in 1999 and stay in my 8 bedroom home for bed and breakfast. They seem shocked. I am trying to educate them about the U.S. Constitution, and the danger of foreign troops in the U.S. Iam head of the senior citizens militia in Ohio.

-- Betty Alice (, June 01, 1999.

New Brunswick. Thanks Ed. I've REALLY appreciated your throughtful essays.

-- Tim Jacob (, June 01, 1999.

Androscoggin County, Maine

-- monique (, June 01, 1999.

So much for the World Wide Web. We appear to be on the North American Web.

Ithaca, N.Y.

-- Dave (, June 01, 1999.

COLORADO, unfortunately right next to NORAD :(

-- Andy (, June 01, 1999.

Stacking wood in Greater Boston, MA

-- Brooks (, June 01, 1999.

The Comonwealth of Kentucky where our motto is Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms!!!!

-- Johnny (JLJTM@BELLSOUTH.NET), June 01, 1999.

I live in Syracuse, NY! Its cold and snowy most of the year, but it's a nice place to live!! :)

-- Crono (, June 01, 1999.

Lancaster, PA.

-- Art (, June 01, 1999.

NW Houston, Texas

-- Evelyn (, June 01, 1999.

Southeast Missouri here. Arlin~need any relocation info on at least this part of Missouri give me a shout............

-- kevin (, June 01, 1999.

Hi everyone. I'm in S. E. Kansas and as far as I know all alone which is why I appreciate you all especially Taz. Thanks Gail

-- Gail Young (, June 01, 1999.

Melbourne, Australia. Zzzzzzz.

-- humpty (, June 01, 1999.

Beaver County, (Western) Pennsylvania

-- Faith Weaver (, June 01, 1999.

Suburban Cleveland, Ohio

-- Xam (Xam @, June 01, 1999.

Northeast Ohio, where all the home improvement stores have lots of generators and the Plain Dealer newspaper completely ignores Y2K. No shortages for the few GI's around here.

-- cmd (, June 01, 1999.

south central PA

-- David (, June 01, 1999.

West Michigan, about an hour from Lake Michigan.

-- Tim (, June 01, 1999.

Central Indiana

-- Moore Dinty moore (, June 01, 1999.

So many so near! I must be in a vacuum...

Upstate New York, on the west side. Chuck & all... are you really so close? Our local metropolis is "Y2K Prepared". Yepper. They have a right fine contingency plan for 1 Jan 99: "We have plenty of pencils and paper to carry on business" and "We plan to gas up all of our snow plows and other vehicles on December 31, 1998. Just in case." (quoted from the only daily paper within 75 miles).

Bryan of Vancouver Island: I listen to the radio out of Ottawa & Kingston, and watch tv from same... Not a citizen, but I sure feel like a relative. Does that count?

As for Ed, well, he's saved our lives as far as my family is concerned. His first Timebomb 2000 woke me up with a wrenching shake. Not enough words, not eloquent enough to adequately convey my gratitude and respect.


-- Arewyn (, June 01, 1999.

southern Indiana, just across the river from Louisville, Kentucky

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (, June 01, 1999.

Pearlie Sweetcake hey we're neighbors! But your on the sunnyside.

-- Johnny (JLJTM@BELLSOUTH.NET), June 01, 1999.

Western Washington - smack dab between Seattle and Tacoma - or more accurately between Everett Naval Base and Mc Chord AF Base and Ft. Lewis Army base - on target!!

-- Valkyrie (, June 01, 1999.

Extremely Southern California (as in San Diego). Focus from now on will be family preps, including care for 88-year-old grandma. Good luck, all.

-- Mac (sneak@lurk.hid), June 01, 1999.

central CA coast...glad to be out of LA, but heartbroken for the future there.

-- flora (***@__._), June 01, 1999.

Iowa City, IA, more enlightened then one would first think.

-- (, June 01, 1999.

Georgia, Southside of Atlanta. To leave or not to leave?

-- Rrory (, June 01, 1999.

Will continue-Thanks for starting this thread. It helps me put 'faces and locales' to those to whom I have looked for advice!

Oklahoma-where the wind comes sweeping down the plain (and tornadoes wreak havoc on thousands.)

Sstaten (Helen?), Jeanne in Lawton-glad to see you're still here!

Mary ( Tho' we have tornadoes, this is a great state to live in. Come join us! "E" me if you want at : (There, I finally did it, listed my real addy!)


-- newbiebutnodummy (, June 01, 1999.

Jefferson County, Kentucky.

-- Linkmeister (, June 01, 1999.

Hi, I'm Chucks Ohio, got heat? Better yet, got contigency plans? GO TRIBE......WOOF WOOF Go Browns....

-- consumer (, June 01, 1999.

Bloomington, southern Indiana, where I write a weekly Y2K news column for the local alternative weekly, the "Bloomington Independent".

(, if you're curious)

-- Michael Redman (, June 01, 1999.

small town in central wash. state-- 100 miles east of seattle. forest and mts. 20 mins to the west and desert and columbia river 20 mins. to the east-- hello other washingtonians!!

-- dory (, June 01, 1999.

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Prato, Italy

San Francisco Bay Area

Pick one, I might be there.

-- Morgan (, June 01, 1999.

Texas Gulf Coast--I need to re-double my stash of mosquito repellant.

-- Doug (, June 01, 1999.


-- Chris (, June 01, 1999.

Monmouth County New Jersey

-- Mark Mastrorilli (, June 01, 1999.

Coquitlam, British Columbia

-- naughtybunny (, June 01, 1999.

Near Milwaukee, WI

-- Shivani Arjuna (, June 01, 1999.

The beautiful Red River Valley in N.Texas....the closest thing I could find in this part of the country that reminds of me a bit of the rolling hills of Shenandoah horse country that I'll always love.

-- texan (, June 01, 1999.

Nebraska - Go Big Red...

-- newlurker (, June 01, 1999.

North East Florida - between Jacksonville and Gainesville.

-- DJ (, June 01, 1999.

Central Texas. Southwest of Waco. Arthritis makes me a serious lurker. Thanks to all of you who provide hot links!! Preparing as best I can for myself and my invalid husband. His medical problems preclude leaving even this small town.

-- Hopeful but scared (, June 01, 1999.

Small Town South Carolina

-- (, June 01, 1999.

Central Texas. Southwest of Waco. Arthritis makes me a serious lurker. Thanks to all of you who provide hot links!! They make getting info so much easier for me. Preparing as best I can for myself and my invalid husband. His medical problems preclude leaving even this small town.

-- 7-11 Clerk (, June 01, 1999.

Hunkering down here in Sacramento, CA. I've got my garden in, so I'm not leaving unless I'm driven out! ;>

-- Margaret (, June 01, 1999.

Lurking here over a year from Southern New Hampshire.

-- Just Me (, June 01, 1999.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

-- Bob (, June 01, 1999.

Just east of Seattle, WA...

-- Don (, June 01, 1999.

Just outside of Lake Charles, Louisiana (Cajun Fun Country) at the moment.

Will do the "roll over" in my other place, which is classified at the level of "Burn Before Reading", Ms. Tricia's geese know where it is but I ain't telling y'all.


-- sweetolebob (, June 01, 1999.

Upstream & upwind of Seattle. Plenty H20 here. Clean air. Green fields, woods. Escaped urban last year thx to GN's nagging & yuppies moving in with mucho $$$.

Ain't it a beautiful roll call, all those place names and memories of homes in a few and visits to so many of your places. The "Heartland" (with you people in it) seems to be just about EVERYWHERE! (Did you all feel the PRIDE from it, like the heart of America is still beating?)

-- jor-el (jor-el@krypton.uni), June 01, 1999.

Central Ohio.

-- Yerfdog (, June 01, 1999.

Ron from Canberra, Australia says Hi!

-- Ron Davis (, June 01, 1999.

Greetings from Brighton/Howell, Michigan!


-- Paul Christy (, June 01, 1999.

Bothell, WA. NE of Seattle about 10-15 miles. 2 miles from a 7/11. Bummer...

-- Ken and Laura Mitcham (, June 01, 1999.

Take a guess!

-- Texas Terri (, June 01, 1999.

northeast Georgia (Ducks Unlimited country)

Thanks to Ed and all who have contributed so much.

-- GA Russell (, June 01, 1999.

Southern New Mexico ........ Road Runner country !!


-- Ray (, June 01, 1999.

Heart of Texas in the country on a hill near Austin, Texas. Good luck Y2KPro, Even though I would resist it with all I've got, I'd rather live with scary Gary than with you. Thank You Ed Yourdon for your incredible effort and will against such great odds.

-- Feller (, June 01, 1999.

Benalto, Alberta, Canada and I know that nobody has heard of it...that was the plan!

-- Laurane (, June 01, 1999.

Mississauga, Ontario - Toronto suburb

-- Cable_man (, June 01, 1999.

I'm checking in from the outskirts of St. Louis Missouri. I am a "consultant" currently working on a y2k project from the desktop/networking end. I have never posted but I have been following this group with enthusiasm (sp?). I feel as if I have made a large group of friends here while just "lurking". Keep it up.


-- MidwestMike_ (, June 02, 1999.

Yokohama, Japan.

Plus the 'inter-connected' people from the following domains and countries who have visited my website:

US Commercial



US Educational


Non-Profit Organization

US Government

United States

US Military

United Kingdom


New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Old style Arpanet

United Arab Emirates

South Africa


Hong Kong
















Korea (South)










Russian Federation

Great Britain









And an obscure place called "Unknown"

-- PNG (, June 02, 1999.

Oklahoma here... at least for now!

-- (cannot-say@this.time), June 02, 1999.

Central Wyoming

-- Deb (, June 02, 1999.

Sussex County, in the FIRST state (Delaware)

-- Dan Webster (, June 02, 1999.

Southern Alabama

-- PM (, June 02, 1999.

Central Ohio...with grocery stores loaded to the gills with food...for now.

-- jeff (, June 02, 1999.

You all have made me homesick, mostly for places I've never seen, and friends I've never met. If times were different.....

Anyhow, I stay down here on the Bayou (as if ya'll didn't know that by now) in FAR south-east Texas. But as always, I got one foot in the boat, and the other on a bannana peel.

-- Lon Frank (, June 02, 1999.

The foothills outside of Denver, Colorado.

-- Sylvia (, June 02, 1999.

Kitsap County in western Washington State. Puget Sound "mote" between us and Seattle...Maybe all those computerized ferries won't be working all that well for a while?

-- Suzanne L (, June 02, 1999.

Southwestern PA here. Sister of Cajun Carol. Marcy

-- Marcy (, June 02, 1999.

Lon Frank, glad you're still around! The circus was never the same after you left....

-- Gayla Dunbar (, June 03, 1999.

lol PNG!!! I've been to "unknown" before...they are NOT doing any y2k work there I assure you! lol

Did I mention I was in Southern California? anyone care to e-mail me and help with an awareness project?

Mike ===================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, June 03, 1999.

southern indiana, aka kentuckiana. mike redman, i'll be in touch with you.

-- Cowardly Lion (, June 03, 1999.

Hi Gayla!

Never really left, just been perfecting my "invisible man" routine.

By the Way, I forgot to say, THANKS ED! If y2k is a bump, you (and the others here) have given me a world of new knowledge, a healthier outlook on life, and some valued new friends. If y2k is as bad as it could be, you have very possibly saved the lives of my family and loved ones. Go in Peace, and don't forget us.

-- Lon Frank (, June 03, 1999.


Looks like we're neighbors. Sent copies of the Senate Report, Paula Gordon's White Paper, the Newsweek article on Y2K, and the Chemical Industry Alert to our Mayors Office. Haven't heard another word.

We're "ready and waiting", worried about all the Chemical Plants and Entergy.

-- (cajun) Carol (, June 03, 1999.

Laurane, Everybody who is somebody has heard of Benalto, no? Tricia, my friend on an acreage outside St. Albert has two generators and lots of food and water. Brian, you've been invaluable. You'll never be "alone."

Across the alley from a 7-11.

-- Rachel Gibson (, June 03, 1999.

Wisconsin, Your Among Friends....

-- Carlie (, June 03, 1999.


-- Diane J. Squire (, June 03, 1999.

Hello from Dallas! Update - We have located the 'mansion' hope the older couple is not any relation to any of you GIs here. Tough/too bad if related to a DWGI. Have interviewed several couples by telephone for the 'Third Couple' position. Waiting for pictures. Hot weather and the beauty seems to prefer wearing combat boots sans camos! OK with me.

-- TiredGeek (, June 03, 1999.

Oregon!...and farther away from Portland than Ashton and Leska! nyah nyah :) Jus teasin guys.

-- LurkeRN (, June 03, 1999.

Forgot to tell you all. As a big 'Thank You Ed', I have sent a picture to Ed of the wife with her combat boots on. Can any of you all beat that!

-- TiredGeek (, June 03, 1999.

Well Kym, we'll see where all we end up ;^) Who knows which patient we'll be doing then? Dundee looks pretty good ...

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, June 03, 1999.

The Valley of the Sun....phx az

-- rb (, June 03, 1999.

you know, every time I read this thread I almost think I hear the strains of "This Land is Your Land" in the background...


-- Arlin H. Adams (, June 03, 1999.

South Carolina...with an escape hatch to Western NC

-- a (a@a.a), June 03, 1999.

close but yet so far

-- dord (, June 15, 1999.

...Central NJ, where everyone is a DWGI.

-- Marci (, June 15, 1999.

In a Log cabin-4 miles north of Seward, Alaska. "why bug out? we're already here."

-- Capt Dennis (, June 16, 1999.

Southern New Hampshire for now, will be in northwest New Jersey....

-- (, June 16, 1999.

No. Indiana....home of the Fighting Irish!

-- Mercy (, June 16, 1999.

"Sir Richard" from "Sussex by the Sea" England reporting in (when I can)

-- dick of the dale (, June 16, 1999.

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