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Frequency of use.
Proximity to primary residence.
Year-round accessibility.
Maintenance costs.
Fire protection.
Water source.
Septic-system condition and capacity.
Zoning restrictions.
Security while away.
Sanitation pickup.

Still dreaming of that cozy little cabin in the pines, the one with the creek out front and the white-tailed deer in back?

As a GI in the city I wish I had the time and money to relocate (a tank of gas away) far from the masses. My reasons (other than time and money) for staying in my city home: (1) I own my home. (2) 85 year old mother now living with me. (3) Have a garden spot and fruit (citrus) trees.(4) Desert weather mild in January.(5) Have stocked water, food, and supplies for three plus months.(6) Have a number of friends outside the city that have water wells and farm land....and I do have bug out bags...and cash money and TP.

Sure I would love to have that dream spot .. hideaway retreat .. but I suggest most of us who Get It will try to stick it out at our present location.

If you do relocate (with your ugly/beautiful wife) you can take an old RV and squat on govt land or buy (in todays paper) a Y2k complaint 2,000 sq ft home on 3.25 acres with well and generator for $675,000.

I admit some envy of those who have their "little house on the prairie". A large book could be written regarding the pros and cons of the city vs rural y2k home. I suggest if it is a 9 or 10 it will be hell everywhere. So good luck (and a big thank you for all of the info on y2k) to gary and ed and paul and scott and taz and God bless one and all.

ron b..a cynic in the city

another y2k related cooking link

-- rb (, May 31, 1999

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