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Starts with 1st grade teacher who doesn't believe anything will happen, is not making preps. Then says IBM spending $575m, GTE $400m. Duke Energy, $65m, Central Carolina Bank $5.3m, Midway Airlines, less than $100,000. Quotes Robert Roskind, Blowing Rock, NC, co-author with Ed and Pres of Y2K Solutions Group, basically too little, too late.

Albert Segars, UNC Bus. School prof: "There will be no major power outages. . . we will have water. The stock market will continue to go." Many others quoted, quite well balanced. Ends with Roskind describing dire effects and saying: "I do believe we are going to be shocked at what this event will do to this world," he said. Sidebar gives sites: Yardeni and Gartner, also gov sites, consumer info, long-term prep, ( and

Another big Y2K article heading Features section. Tells story of woman who has--ta-da! Two freezers full of food! Plus pantry goods, water. Just talks about preparing, interviews local weather guy (whoc thinksa there might be a bit of a problem), NCSU economist (maybe a tiny problem here and there).

Overall, better than expcted but doesn't go far enough.

Do I think Durham will wake up from its torpor? No.

-- Old Git (, May 30, 1999


I get the sense that the herd is beginning to mill about. They can smell something in the aid but just can't quite tell what it is. Have always been and am now quite happy to be way outside the herd.


-- Got Olefactory Sensitivity?

-- Greybear (, May 30, 1999.

6 months ago we had a spat of local pundits say Y2k is all internet hype and nothing to worry about. Then Jim Lord came to town, held a low key, but informative seminar at the arts center. The city decided they needed a new billing system and are looking into the rest of their 'puters. The paper gave him a 1/2 page coverage and 2 other articals, now you can't open the paper without seeing something that says Y2k. Yes, the herd is stiring about. No more jokes in the check out line when I show up with cases of fruits and veggies.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 30, 1999.

Speaking of media... I have a headline taped to my wall now, where it will probably remain for some time as a reminder of the quality they deliver. It reads, in very large letters (I don't know how many points, but it stretches fully across the page): Serbs Claim NATO Hits Refugee Envoy.

-- Gary Hansen (, May 30, 1999.

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