Was that wierd or what!

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Well let me be the first to say I would really miss this forum. The statement from Mr Yourdon and the downtime of the Greenspun site was disconserning. Information medium such as this doesn't happen everyday.

Good Luck Folks! Your special

-- Brian (imager@home.com), May 29, 1999


Amen, Brian! Lots of people providing links from all angles on a daily basis. I'm sure that I can stay informed without this forum, but it's going to take more time...

-- Tim (pixmo@pixelquest.com), May 29, 1999.

That shock was awful! Don't let it happen again. Keep the Forum up! Don't disappear without leaving a trace. Yikes. Really upset.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (allaha@earthlink.net), May 29, 1999.

Hey whats going on I'm gone for one day? I don't see any mention of shutting down the forum until this thread,what did I miss?

-- Daryll Smallwood (twinck@wfeca.net), May 29, 1999.

I now have a better idea of what a junky doing cold turkey will be going thru. We need to have a meeting place picked out in advance, just another prep. to look at.

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 29, 1999.

Whew! That was close!

-- pshannon (pshannon@inch.com), May 29, 1999.

Please don't shut down the forum. I need all the advice and help of all the posters.


-- Marcy (YCRAM410@aol.com), May 29, 1999.

Wow! I was working for 24 hours and seem to have missed a whole lot of stuff. I tried to access the forum via my usual way, but no luck. I got it via e-mail. I'm wondering if this is permanent, or what? What's up? I read the saya-na-ra (sp?)essay, but then found this. Please e-mail me if a new forum is getting started. Thanks!

-- Johnny (jljtm@bellsouth.com), May 29, 1999.

I have Emailed Phil Greenspun to find out what is up with the system shutdown. It may be harmless so lets get some info before bailing out.

Breath Deep :o)

-- Brian (imager@home.com), May 29, 1999.

Philip Greenspun has indicated that if there are folks that will moderate the forum it will continue.

-- Brian (imager@home.com), May 29, 1999.

I wonder if Pat Shannon would have time for that? I can't think of a better candidate offhand.

-- Flint (flintc@mindspring.com), May 29, 1999.

i HAvE thE WIsdOM!!!!!! buT NoT THE tiMe!!!!!!! nOR THe paTIENce!!!!!! buT i DO haVE AN irON wiLL!!!!!! aND An EyE For fOOLisHNeSs!!!!!!! aND A ceRTaIN CHarmLIneSs!!!!!!! aND EyeS ThaT BLeeD FRom exCEsS SkuLLmucKERy!!!!!!!!

doES ThaT COunT??????

-- Dieter (questions@toask.com), May 29, 1999.

BTW, what happened earlier was indeed wierd. The board was eerily quiet the early part of the evening. Yet, I got "server busy" sometimes. Perhaps alot of folks out there printing stuff?

-- Tim (pixmo@pixelquest.com), May 29, 1999.


I think your critical skills are more important than your management skills :o)

The bleeding eyes might be a bit much.


You may have noticed but Old Git mentioned that Ed is in contact with someone.

-- Brian (imager@home.com), May 29, 1999.

Dieter's so shook up, he forgot to "DiETeR-ize" his name.

You can tell how important this is to us all, so let's do what we have to and keep going.

1999 will be a year to remember, and with friends to share it. a totally different experience.

-- jor-el (jor-el@krypton.com), May 30, 1999.

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