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Ever since 60 Minutes show, I have noticed two major changes in things. 1. The pollys have left.!! It must be migration season and they are headed north to Canada and Alaska. 2. People are asking my husband questions about what they need to do. These people are the fellows he works with as he has made no secret of what he thinks about y2k. So my printer has been gong full bore printing stuff for him to take to work. But I have been thinking about them preparing: I wonder if it isn't too late to do much more than a few weeks of can goods, some water, etc. It takes time to think/accept a y2k preparation program. One has to think it out from one end to the other and has to decide for themselves when is enuff enuff? Its a little late for the average person who is working a 40 hour week to plan out a well thought out program and then go out and put it together. Some things may not be awailable such as grain grinder, finding the grain, generators, open pollinated seeds, wood stoves, etc. And it takes a lot of money if you have to buy all of this stuff and then buy a chain saw, a gun, ammo, garden tools, tiller, animals, feed and tools, etc etc. We had all that stuff, even have a cream separater...and we have still spent a fortune on y2k. I would much rather have had a trip around the world for that money. How about canners, jars, lids, other canning supplies, dehydrators, books and more books on how to do stuff even when you have the tools. I think that those of us who got an early start on really thinking this thing through to the worst scenario, have probably already acquired most everything we will need to live through TEOWAKI....or as much as we can prepare to do that. I don't think there is time for the DGI now to make that quick jump and get it all done and bought. By no means am I trying to say its too late, so don't prepare. 2 cans of soup is better than no soup. I think what I am trying to say is that after the dust settles and neighbors start working together, we who are prepared with the tools are going to have to help. Grind flour for friends, pump water for neighbors, give neighbors some seed to get started (with the provision that they have to collect some seed and pay you back so you can help someone else.) There is going to have to be a collective effort of neighbors to survive a long haul. There will be some that are of great help and there will be those that due to health or age will be a great drain. But help, we must! In my own way, I look forward to knowing and helping my neighbor and becoming a community in its truest sense. There will be many such communities. Some will be condos and some will be down here camping out in "Hoovervilles" in the forest. But all of that will come after the riots are over, the fires are out, the soup kitchens are in place and people finally realize that their survival is dependent upon self and neighbor.

gotta go buy more seed for the neighbors. I am also raising seed in the garden this year. Millet, tomatoe,egg plant, several kinds of beans. I took a corner of the garden and planted stuff and have let it all go to seed. Also have cilantro and basil collected. Millet and milo is for my parrots and chickens. Since we buy clean corn for the donkeys, I set 400# aside for people in a sealed drum. I can use that for seed too.


-- Taz (Tassie, May 29, 1999



Just how many hours comprise your day? Sounds like you have access to an extra half-dozen or so! :-)

Fantastic to hear folks in your neck of the woods are rousing from their slumber. Let's hope they don't nod out after a week or two. Kudos to you & hubby for lending a helping hand. The learning curve was quite steep for me as to the multitude of goods/skills which may come in handy IF the economy goes way 'south' next year.

As you have made clear, Y2K prepping can turn into a full-time job. Just depends on the level of preps one deems appropriate. I advise newbies to due research regularly - keep a finger on the pulse, so to speak. I also offer basic lists of items, quantities, etc.

Stan Faryna put together the following thread:

BEFORE YOU BUY BEANS AND RICE: Things to think about before you start preparing for Y2K

Lastly, you & hubby are kind souls. Thank you. This world desperately needs more of your ilk!

Best Wishes,

-- Bingo1 (, May 29, 1999.

Taz, you're great. Something tells me I'd really enjoy morning coffee on my front porch with you! Glad for people like you, who are so pumped up about "the awakening". As for me...the herd is gettin' restless partner, better sinch up yar saddle.

-- will continue (, May 30, 1999.


Its nice to hear that other people are preparing long term too. We are, but I seldom hear the word "non-hybrid" and "donkey" is definataly way out there. Hee Hee. We also are planning on being able to replenish our little corner of the world with seed (planted some, saving some).

I only hope people dont go crazy and life is harder than it needs to be. We would actually enjoy a less hectic lifestyle, but worry about it turning violent.

Dont mind working in the garden, would hate to have to pack a .22 on my shoulder to protect my kids playing next to me.


-- bulldog (, May 30, 1999.

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