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I couldn't identify the problem fist, but suddenly I discoverd that my negatives are "popping". My exposuretimes are extremly long which of course is not doing it any good, but does somebody have a solution how to stick/glue/fix my 8x10" film to the back of the Fidelity film holders?

-- Jens Knoop (, May 29, 1999


All large format materials "pop". This is cause by the change from being in a closed film holder to being in a big light tight box. The film will usually pop in the first minute or two, I know people who always wait at least three minutes after pulling the darkslide before starting the exposure. I usually can't wait that long due to impatience but I do try to wait at least a minute or two before starting the exposure.

-- Jeff White (, May 29, 1999.

Use the tape they use in hospitals for taping on skin. Easy removable...No damage done, won't hurt either ..Voila...

The docter has spoken..

-- Johndesq (, May 29, 1999.

Before inserting the cassette in the camera, give the lower end a knock against your hand, this will "knock down" the film in the holder.I have no problems with 8x10 Fidelitys and EPR 64, I`m always shooting immediatly.

-- Jan Eerala (, May 30, 1999.

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