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There's a xxx-SPECIAL-xxx photo outing organised by Photo-Art on 6 Jun 99, Sunday 8am. I think the fees is $20 instead of the usual $6. Non-members may have to pay more.

Don't ask me for further info. Be there!

-- Wee Keng Hor (weekh@singnet.com.sg), May 29, 1999


Reminder for those who are really keen in a photo outing:

There's a special outing organised by Photo-Art Association of Singapore this Sunday. Meet at the club house in Geyland Lor 27 this Sunday at 8am. (you can't miss them as you should be able to see many photographers with their huge camera bags and tripods).

Photo-Art organises photo outings every Sunday morning (except this 13 June and public holidays).

All are welcomed but non-members will have to pay slightly more.

-- Wee Keng Hor (weekh@singnet.com.sg), June 04, 1999.

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