Wide Angle Bellows Needed For 90mm lens on SinarF?

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A shop owner told me I don't need a wide angle bellow if I am using a 90mm lens on my Sinar F.He also told me that the present bellow I have (I supposed it's a standard bellow)can be used for a 210mm lens too. Please advise me on these as I am a beginner in 4X5 photography. Thanks Very Much.

-- David Chua (alydave@singnet.com.sg), May 29, 1999


To get full movement capabilities out of your 90mm you will need a w/a "bag" bellows. Your standard bellows will work fine for most lenses from 135mm to 300mm (limited close focusing capabilities with the 300mm).

-- Ellis Vener (evphoto@insync.net), May 29, 1999.

You do need the bag bellows with the 90. It is possible to shoot straight on..as in copy work with a nommal bellows..but any movements will be much easier with the bag. I use it often with my 150 as well. It's just easier

-- C MATTER (cmatter@riag.com), June 01, 1999.

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