I own the Miro DC 30 VIDEO Caputure Hardware and the Adobe Premire software for capturing video etc. My problem is that whatever settings I use to capture, after I have changed the file from AVI to M-peg 1 (Using LSX m-peg encoder) Easy CD Video Creater 3.01 always says " Not white book standard". I have used all the setting checked against the White book standard and still have no joy. Can someone please help, as I cannot get any sleep !! All I need is the settings to use in Adobe Premire and then I can convert them and burn the CD (Hopefully !!)

-- matt james (, May 28, 1999


sel that fucking card and buy another one! jajajiajajajajja...ijijijiji

-- Atina Rockefeller (, November 25, 2000.

sell that fucking card and buy another one! jajajiajajajajja...ijijijiji

-- Atina Rockefeller (, November 25, 2000.

People with no experience in what they are talking about make stupid remarks. I started in analogue in 1994 and have some experience, so here is my reply:

Matt You have the best possible capture card for analogue that was and still is made, the problem is the LSX encoder in Premiere or any other NLE program that has it as a plugin - DO NOT USE IT.

You should use an AVI output from the NLE program and feed it to the TMPGEnc encoder and then burn it to a VCD, this problem has been reported here several times and is noted on my site. You will be limited to a 2G file size probably but the files can be joined.

Although my site is basically DV based now the information is appropriate to a DC30 analogue project or one done with the CCIR601 option that exists in the DC30 capture options.

-- Ross McL (, November 26, 2000.

Hi, Matt! Recently I have got good results with MiroDC30 family card and "Panasonic 2.51 Premiere Plug-in". There is the scheme: 1 - capture requied AVI-clips in MJPEG format with MiroVideo, 2 - load and edit them in Premiere, 3 - export movie with Panasonic plug-in in MPEG1 format with correct options for Video CD, 4 - translate MPEG->DAT with VCDGear, 5 - write file with CD-R on CD. This CD is playing both on PC and standalone DVD-player. I have had some problems with synchronisation video&audio, but I think it is because my card is DC30D (without sound input) and I record sound with standalone Creative Sound Blaster Live! Value. This problem was sold by some main edition.

-- Nick B.Chernov (, December 19, 2000.

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