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We all have those things that we do not see. While driving along, there are blind spots where we cannot see that other car, yet it is almost on top of us. Reality doesnt care. Make the wrong move and there are consequences.

We also have other blind spots. All of us. Things we sometimes cannot see though they are so close, other things that perhaps we refuse to see, especially when those things contradict or challenge an opinion that we hold. The things we are most blinded to are often the things closest to us  within us.

Even our eyes can lie to us. Ever seen a police report with multiple witnesses, all at the same scene having experienced the same situation? Five witnesses report six different things (one always changes their mind).

We are all driving down the road of life, and there is a Y2K car on the same road. Once again, this is reality. Is Y2K up ahead or in a blind spot? If we are a passenger in the car speeding happily along and our driver doesnt see it, the mirrors should be adjusted  immediately, dont you think? The risk of getting into an accident is low, but the stakes may turn out to be our lives. And on this road there are no signs saying Buckle Up, Its the Law. The blind would not even see such a sign  those who need to see it most.

What if anything can we learn from this? Are all of us destined to be blinded to certain things that are perfectly obvious to others? Is there some way to become less blind? It isn't even possible to know what our blind spots are, don't you think? To me, they are always a revelation. Perhaps seeing must also be done by closing our eyes, and opening our minds.

-- Rob Michaels (, May 27, 1999


I check this forum regularly in hopes of uncovering my blind spots. Like most, I tend to gravitate towards opinions that line up with my own. So it is good to read through posts that are much more optimistic or pessimistic than I am, as well as reading posts from people whose concerns are similar to mine. In any post there might be information I'm unaware of, while posts coming from people with differing angles can potentially be useful even without new information.

However, the blind spots I'm most interested in finding are around how to prepare rather than what to prepare for, and for that it is more useful when the poster's concerns line up closely with my own.

-- Gus (, May 28, 1999.

This forum has served a very usefull purpose for me similar to the fable of the Five Blind Men from Hindustan. The short version is 5 blind men go to investigate an elephant for the first time. Each will investigate a different part of the elephant and compare notes later. As they get together afterward the trunk man says it's like a huge vine, the ear man say it's like a big fan. the leg man says it's like a tree trunk, the body man says it's like a wall and finally the tail man says it's like a rope.

I quite often think that we all investigate "the elephant" and the many divergent points of view represented here are like the comparrisons of the 5 blind men. We each have knowledge of part but it takes a different perspective to integrate all the information into a comprehensive total view.

Many of you here have helped me to see the other places I just don't have time to personally go "see". (Some of the others of you help me to know there are still plenty of idiots out there.)

You've helped me cover my blind spots.

-Greybear, who thinks his part must have been to investigate the tail cause he's sure been getting a lot of that type material one gets dumped on their head when lifting a tail to check it out.

-- Greybear (, May 28, 1999.

There are two blind spots I can think of as a primary danger for y2k. Number one is if one does not fully understand two things 1] what is said by others and 2] what you think yourself. Y2k is complicated and the target seems to be moving (or is it all the spin? I can't tell yet). Lack of this blind spot will make it obvious unknowns are high therefore insurance/preparation is necessary. Lack of the conclusion that preparation is necessary is indeed the second blind spot.

-- Will (, May 28, 1999.


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-- Andy (, May 28, 1999.

Gus: There is now a Preparation archive that Brian created, and he did a fantastic job. Much information specific to the how to is organized there. I do not have a link but he has been posting it on various threads regularly  keep an eye out for it.

Hi Greybear. Long time no talk! Great to hear from you again. I remember your elephant analogy from a previous thread (Circus?). Got eyeglasses? Thanks for the post and dont be a stranger.

Will: I would add that staying tuned in to what is happening is also a blind spot for some. They form an opinion and stop thinking and getting more information. With Y2K I have always felt that staying current is critical to avoiding blind spots.

Andy: Need some rest?

-- Rob Michaels (, May 28, 1999.

Nope Rob - nothing wrong with a little Shakespearean vulgarity :)

-- Andy (, May 28, 1999.


Can you ship me some of that collect? My garden needs it desperately.

-- Sue (, May 28, 1999.

Thanks for the support Rob!

Keep up the awareness eh!

Year 2000 Preparation Archive

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-- Brian (, May 28, 1999.

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