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Hey Cohort 2 Friends!

It's 6 p.m. Thursday, May 27, and I am feeling very awkward!!! I don't have my friends about me --- and there is NO pizza to be found anywhere!

It was a great ride! Let's stay in touch!

-- Anonymous, May 27, 1999


Hey Graduates--- Your right Rebecca it felt weird on Thur. night. I too feel strange that it is all over. I second it Let's stay in touch!

-- Anonymous, May 29, 1999

Thanks, Rebecca!!! We can count on you to keep the circle unbroken. I found myself feeling a little lost last Thursday, too. But our surveys still keep coming in, and I am getting e-mail regarding them so it helps. I am hoping this web page will be here for Laura and me to connect with you all as the thesis process continues. You are our guides! We may need to start a summer breakfast club...is there such a thing as a breakfast pizza?

-- Anonymous, May 31, 1999

I was in the station on Thursday night and it felt like there was something I was supposed to be doing and wasn't...kind of disconcerting. There are, by definition I suppose, two kinds of "breakfast pizza... 1. What was left over, if anything, from the night before 2. Breakfast pizza built specially by the Gary Milk House (I have them on occasion when I run out of #1). Both are great!

Come out to my shop on Highway 23 anytime, or better yet, let's plan a breakfast club meeting. Anybody interested?

-- Anonymous, May 31, 1999

Rhonda, Georgia, Ed , and I met on Thursday to make final copies of our report. It took two hours and seemed like we were still part of the cohort. I know we will always be part of cohort II . It has been great and I will always be proud to say I was involved with this group. Keep in touch. Our group will plan our next meeting for updates. Have a relaxing summer.

-- Anonymous, June 01, 1999

Last Thursday, my boys wanted me to play baseball with them. My husband took them instead. I got to play with my youngest son! I've been really quite restless since our last class, but I'm calming down now. A couple days ago, I was out shopping. Some voice from behind me says,"Why aren't you working on your thesis?" It was Laura. Well anyway, Laura, I have been working on my thesis, since I last saw you. Wait until you see it published!

-- Anonymous, June 02, 1999

Gayle I laugh as a read your response. I should be asking myself if I've been working on my thesis! The answer is yes, a little. I can't wait to see your thesis (and ours) published--it's going to be wonderful! I miss you all, although I have to admit that, especially since the last month of school is so crazy, I didn't mind having a little extra time on Thursday nights. Dave, I love your breakfast at the station idea. How do we make this happen? I'm just now getting above the mounds of paper and work cluttering my den and head, so I'll add my belated thanks to all of you for a terrific two years. You are indeed a special and talented group of people and together we Rock! Frank, your leadership in this endeavor has been essential--thank you! I just got back some pictures from the graduation ceremony and one or two turned out very well. I felt pretty special with my rose Dave--and the bloom lasted a long time, reminding me of that special day. By the way, thank you also to all of you in the bookstore that one Thusday night who said "come on, go through gradation--it'll be fun! And special thanks to Rhonda, of taking care of the details for me. Hope to see you all soon!

-- Anonymous, June 20, 1999

Hello everyone! The ALCO site has been quiet lately. I guess you are all out there enjoying the summer. How are those thesis projects going?

I am busy working as usual to get the Outreach program ready for next year. I did manage to squeeze a camping trip in between soccer tournament weekends. I am updating mailing lists and if anyone would like to receive a Depot Outreach catalog, please call or e-mail me your address. We have a great roster of artists (including Terrence Smith), so it should be a busy, exciting season.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. I miss our Thursday meetings. Let me know when we can meet for breakfast (or dinner) pizza!


-- Anonymous, July 08, 1999

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