Japanese Banking Bigger Sham Than US Stock Market

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-- Puddintame (achillesg@hotmail.com), May 27, 1999


When you reach the website, scroll down to the "editorial" and click on "Unsettling Situation at Banks"

-- Puddintame (achillesg@hotmail.com), May 27, 1999.

The truth comes out in small ways doesn't it?

By the way. How did they "dispose' of the 9 Trillion Yen of debt?

Also, as a side light, I noted this last statement:

The financial system is still weak, so postponement of the payoff system must be considered. But that does not offer an excuse for being indulgent, which would only make banks' survival that much more difficult.

(From May 27 Yomiuri Shimbun)

"an excuse for being indulgent" --- sounds like the entire US economy, not to mention spending on Kosovo, the last 13 Billion bill, and so forth. .... not only "banks'" survival.

-- Jon Johnson (narnia4@usa.net), May 27, 1999.


-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), May 27, 1999.

Kevin, what do I have to do to get the specific URL to show in my address box? When I access from the homepage, the URL in the address box doesn't change.

-- Puddintame (achillesg@hotmail.com), May 27, 1999.

Jon Johnson: They disposed of most of the the debt by selling it. U.S. and European investment groups and financial institutions bought most of it.

Some was simply erased from the books and extraordinary losses taken for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 1999.

-- PNG (png@gol.com), May 27, 1999.


You mentioned that American and European investment groups bought some of that debt. During this year I have heard that Japan is once again the place to invest. The idea of getting in on the bottom. Yet Japan is still in trouble. Things may get worse.

I read on your page about the 10% bonds coming due next year. Though this was not mentioned in the article, would this not exacerbate the problem? Apparently there are so many little understood issues. Have you written a comprehensive essay on the banking industry there and is there a link?

Thanks PNG

-- Mike Lang (webflier@erols.com), May 27, 1999.


Thanks for doing that.


Thanks for asking Kevin.

That got me to tinker, and find that in Netscape,


page info

Led to the URL.


-- Jerry B (skeptic76@erols.com), May 27, 1999.

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