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I would like to know if Sony Discmans have a chip inside it to make it read only music cds/files only. If there is, can you swap the chip for and mpeg-1 video compression chip. Is it possible to do it?

-- Kelvin Lam (, May 26, 1999


If you live near Chinatown...ask some stores. If not you can ship it to Five Star Laser. The email address is, please remember that this conversion like making a Region 1/2/3 player Regionless...voids the warranty, can cause problems for audio cds and many Video CDs, many conversions do not include Kareoke functions nor PAL/NTSC auto switches, and cost just as much as buying a regular Video CD player. It may be cheaper and safer to just save up $220.00 for a portable Video CD player.

-- the Lone Ranger (, May 29, 1999.

Well boys, I just read what has been said here, and I`m quite interested in this subject!!!!, but my problem is , where to buy a remote for my sony discman. some time ago I`ve bought one, I think it was one with the number D-ej651 or621 I don`t know exactly, but unfortunately it had no remote control. nevertheless , I got it because of the nice design. Now I know that a discman can`t do without a remote and I try to buy one which is suitable to it, but till now my "quest" has not been very successful. You seem to be quite informed, and I hope you guys can help me.

-- it`s written up there!! (, February 25, 2003.

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