Has anyone else seen this?

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Not a doctor Polly posted this in De Bunker. If real ( which I doubt ) it could be the first step in censorship on the net.

Sen. Dodd Alerts Public To Y2K Cons

May 24, 1999: 10:32 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON, DC, U.S.A. (NB) -- By Robert MacMillan, Newsbytes. Never mind that Paul Revere lived one state over from Connecticut; Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., is getting in on the wake-up call act when it comes to raising his voice over Yourdon/North/Hyatt using the impending Year 2000 problem to fleece a few bucks off the American public.

Dodd, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Special Committee on Year 2000 Conversion, today said in a statement that he would ask federal regulatory and law enforcement agencies to help put out the call against Year 2000 scammers. Dodd's letters went to the chiefs of the Justice Department, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Federal Trade Commission, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Securities and Exchange Commission. "It is absolutely outrageous that Yourdon/North/Hyatt would prey on peoples' worst fears when it comes to the Y2K problem," Dodd said. "While we know that some computer systems will be affected by the Y2K bug, sadly the one thing we know won't stop Yourdon/North/Hyatt looking to make a quick buck." Dodd himself has helped spread warnings about the Year 2000 problem, saying that Americans should maintain slight stockpiles of food and water, but nothing more than they would normally plan on in the case of any emergency, such as a hurricane or flood. He has said, along with committee Chairman Robert Bennett, R-Utah, that he does not want to start a panic.


entertainment purposes only and any semblance to reality is your view :)

Doc Paulie

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 25, 1999


Forgot, anyone have Sen. Dodd's and Robet MacMillan's e-mail addy?

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 25, 1999.

This is so bogus, I almost didn't respond.

-- Doug (douglasjohnson@prodigy.net), May 25, 1999.


That was my thought also, however, I'd like to send it to Sen. Dodd and Mr. MacMillan for verification, along with the URL it came from ( evil grin : )

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 25, 1999.

Is this what you are talking about?

http://www.newsbytes.com/search97cgi/vtopic?ACTION=SEARCH&ServerKey=Pr imary&ResultTemplate=nbresults2.hts&QueryMode=Simple&QueryText=dodd+al erts+public%0D%0A&collection=CollNBOnline

-- Ken Seger (kenseger@earthlink.net), May 25, 1999.

The original story came out today and concerned con artists swindling folks out of their life savings. Someone at deBuggery substituted Yourdon and Norths name.

-- a (a@a.a), May 25, 1999.

Senator Dodd is mad about these guys making a fast buck because that means there will be less for them. These guys in DC don't give a bleep about anything but power. The spector of y2k undermines there nasty little empire. Why would they want the truth to come out?

-- cw (cwiowa@uiowa.edu), May 25, 1999.

First the 60 Minutes segment, then Ed being given what amounts to official recognition, what's a poor debunker to do? Commit libel? There have been test Internet cases, and cases have been won. Here's the classic definition of libel:

"a publication without justification or lawful excuse which is calculated to injure the reputation of another by exposing him to hatred, contempt or ridicule." (Parke, B. in Parmiter v. Coupland [1840] GM&W 105 at 108)

{Note it has stood the test of time.)

Another pertinent bit: "Usually, [to be successful] a libel action should only be instituted if the primary objective is to vindicate reputation."

(I am not a lawyer and this information should not be construed as legal advice.)

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), May 25, 1999.

Here's the link to the article ... Yourdon/North/Hyatt doesn't make an appearance in the original.

-- Ron Rodgers (RonRodgers@Resilience2000.com), May 25, 1999.

it's just the 'paulie' troll's usual anti-Christian bias, nothing new or different there.


-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), May 25, 1999.


When I first read it I was shocked, them my critical thinking kicked in.

I am an up front troll on that board, they all ( 4 or 5? ) know why I am there. I like to slap idiots, I like to help them look foolish, call it my hobby.

poole and his like castignate people who make money from Y2k, yet he opens a site with banners ( I want a split, I've raised his site traffic by 4 or 5 times ; )

Manufactureing a false post ( and useing real names ) to defame well respected people and news org's is stepping a little out of bounds, don't you think?

Oh well, it has been a real bad week for the don't prepare, everythings gunna be alright, They'll take care of it ( what ever that means ), polly crowd.

Their neighbors Will remember

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 26, 1999.

I watched the video about an hour ago of today's Senate testimony, which you can get to with this link:


Senator Bennett said something about those who are trying to profit off Y2K for their own gain, and then specifically mentioned that he was not talking about Ed Yourdon.

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), May 26, 1999.

I wonder at their motives. Why have some prepared and then spend inordinant resourses to convince people to think it's all hype? Why? It don't make sense They are either truely evil, or they are trying to bargain with it, and IT don't care

-- CT (ct@no.yr), May 26, 1999.

Well, slander and libel look like GOOD charges here. has anyone suggested these to Ed? I suspect that a quick letter from his lawyer would only generate a more vituperative respponse, but maybe a note to the Board Op over there would go a LONG way, as this is EXACTLY forbiden. WHoever posted the rules from the site maintainer, please repost them. It's time that we hit back since this is a CLEAR, prima facie violation of the rules.


-- Chuck, a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), May 26, 1999.

CT, I've read enough posts at the debunking and BFI forums to wonder the same myself. The debunkers seem to be angry that ANYone is making money from Y2K (whether or not by scam). They DO stash supplies and they DO profess to be Christians. Why then are they so down on Ed Yourdon and what they describe as his "followers"? One post I saw seemed to suggest that we have tons of Y2K hawkers on this site, therefore everything we say is designed to sell a product and not to be trusted. Another said we're all infected with this mind virus thing and are spreading it around.

They can think what they like, that's their right. But when they come over here, deliberately disrupting this forum, then I start to wonder just what their problem is. Do they simply like to argue for arguing's sake? Are they on some sort of crusade? Who knows?

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), May 26, 1999.

Just one more example of the total lack of integrity and absence of intelectual honesty of the pollys.

-- Ken Seger (kenseger@earthlink.net), May 26, 1999.

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