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I am thinking about purchasing the new Sony Digital 8mm camcorder which can digitize analog input instead of a video board then download via Firewire to the new Blue & White Apple Macintosh. From the Mac I would like to convert whatever Sony format to burn VCD. I know that Digital Video format is mpeg but not sure whether mpeg 1 or 2. Any comment ?. What software do I need ?. Thanks.

Kiam Oey

-- Kiam Oey (, May 25, 1999


Digital camcorders use MPEG-1 streams. After late 1999/Early 2000 they will upgrade to MPEG-2 streams. Just hook the firewaire up, use the Adaptec Toast program to convert the movie to a VCD and you're done. PLEASE NOTE: THIS METHOD OR EQUIPMENT IS NOT INTENDED FOR THE PIRACY OF FIRST RUN AND SECOND RUN MOVIES(i.e. THOSE STILL IN CINEMAS).

-- the Lone Ranger (, May 29, 1999.

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