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Baygen wind-up SW radio, $109; ditto w/LED light, $149, SW antenna booster, $20; solar option for radio, $25.

Assortment of LED flashlights and lights, most interesting: bright white LED tasklight, runs 30 hrs on 6 AAs, $40.

Solar: radios (SW too), watches, flashlights.

Solar battery chargers, most interesting: can also plug into car cig lighter, has multi-jack for 6v applications, charges many cellular phones, computer batteries, or 6v gel cells. Will run small things, like Walkman or fan. Charges 4 AAs in about 12 hrs of direct sunlight. $39.95.

Solar shower, $15.00

Hand-pump water filter, meets EPA standards for elimination of bacteria and protozoa, good for 500 galls, made in UK, $25.

Grain mill, solar ovens, camp stoves.

Oil lamps

Large portable solar power packs

Personal fan, runs 300 hrs on 4 Ds, $25 (effective, OG has one!)

I've ordered the solar charger and water filter singled out above. I already have two solar showers, the fan and a SW Baygen with light, got them right after Fran. For more details on above products, see on-line catalogue at

-- Old Git (, May 25, 1999


With all due respect, Old Git, do you ever go to stores IRL? [grin]

I'm just teasing you, but I've never ordered anything over the internet in my life and I don't intend to start now. I like to SEE it, TOUCH it, compare prices with other places, etc.

I REPEAT...I'm just teasing you. Thanks for the tips.


-- Anita Spooner (, May 25, 1999.

Yes, Anita, I sometimes do go to stores! However, I have ordered from Real Goods and other catalogues since well before the Internet became ubiquitous--as a divorced working mother with two (sometimes three) jobs, I didn't have time to shop. Then I had to give up driving due to vision problems. If it weren't for the Lands' End catalogue, I wouldn't know what to do for clothes (I wear khakis and shirts almost all the time). If you ever want to know if a catalogue's reputable, ask me, I've probably ordered from it.

-- Old Git (, May 25, 1999.

I hate to shop, so that's why I order off the Internet. I've never had any problems. I've ordered books from Amazon Books, and I got my Helen and Scott Nearing books from Real Goods Catalog. I ordered my grain grinder over the Internet, from Saxon and I've never had a bit of trouble. Most of them have secure lines.

Old Git, I love Land's End turtleneck sweaters. They are practically my uniform in winter. I couldn't do without them.

-- gilda (, May 25, 1999.

Lands End, IOHO, has the best cotton T-shirts! Big, roomy, very durable, color stays well after multiple washings. We've pretty much gone standard on their Ts, Vs, Mocks, & Turtles, after trying various other styles/brands. They are perfect for our uniform parts.
We've stocked up on stuff from their discount catalogs -- if the water/electricity is out for long, laundry will be a challenge. We've also stocked up on underwear and socks for the same reason.

Still slowly bulking up on that long list of imported items -- comfortable hardy shoes are a must. Fortunately we're fairly near Nike land and their outlet stores :-)

Thanks, Old Git, for all your practical tips 'n posts ;^)

xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, May 25, 1999.

JC Penney's has a solar powered/wind-up AM/FM radio for around $70.00....

-- Libby Alexander (, May 26, 1999.

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