Looking for URL that tells which DVD players will play VCD's???

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Would like any information on which DVD players will play VCD's.

I have a Pioneer DV-414 and it seems to recognize VCD's but will not play them??


-- Private Name (livid_lechter@hotmail.com), May 24, 1999


Are your video cd's on silver cd's (Pressed) or are they on CD-R discs (burnt) ? I have a Panasonic DVD 515 and it supports multi-region and it plays Video cd's (silvers).

-- Michael Stevens (msman99@hotmail.com), May 28, 1999.

I've rented a Panasonic DVD-player and it doesn't play CD-R. Insted I'm investing in a DVD-ROM to my computer, and through the cabel I'll be able to see any VCD, CD-R, .dat files ect.

The Shadow

-- The Shadow (links@forum.dk), June 14, 1999.

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