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Does anyone out there know where I can find the most accurate compliancy info on state governments? CIO magazine published an article reporting on each state's individual status and the information seemed very contradictory and inconsistent. As an example, Louisiana reported themselves 34% complete with Y2K work as of 12/31/98, with a proposed date of completion set for 7/1/99. However, the year their remediation began is reported as 1996. In over two years they completed only 1/3 of the project but will be completing the remaining 2/3 within only 6 months. Does this make sense to anyone?

-- Christine Einhorn (, May 24, 1999



The Y2K Coordinator for Louisiana is Renea Austin. She admits to working on Y2K only part-time. She has no idea what shape the state government is in. Whatever numbers are posted about Louisiana by Louisiana are pulled out of someone's ear. There is no real communication among the numerous state departments. Each state department is a private kingdom run for the profit and power of a select few. Those select few have no intention of sharing their progress, or lack of progress, with the public or each other. Politics in Louisiana is a bloodsport, like cockfighting. Therefore, when Ms. Austin reports to CIO magazine that so-and-so percentage of the Y2K work on the state level is done, she is making it up. She has no idea at all what is going on. The simple fact is there is no possible way to determine what percentage of Louisiana's Y2k work has been completed. Also, forget any help from Mike Foster, Governor of Louisiana. The papers in New Orleans, and elsewhere in the Pelican State, are currently revealing how Foster slipped between the financial sheets with nazi-boy David Duke in order to win the last race.

IMHO, waiting for the state of Louisiana to come clean about Y2K is like waiting for the Mississippi River to run backwards.

My suggestion: get drunk and stuff your belly with mudbugs. Then you won't care if Y2k is a problem or not. That's how Louisiana's power brokers are handling the situation.

Good Luck

Big Easy

-- Big Easy (, May 24, 1999.

(1) The short answer is no, it doesn't make sense.

(2) The long answer is that as a 30+ year computer professional, I have seen that the 90-90 rule is often the know, the first 90% of the project takes about 90% of the budgeted resources. The last 10% also takes about 90% of the planned resources...

(3) Yes, but only if they use a LOT of smoke and mirrors.

-- Mad Monk (, May 24, 1999.

Christine Einhorn

Here is a link to the status for each state.

Louisiana was just updated.

-- nowhereclose (, May 24, 1999.


Please check out

While you are there, notice please the blank answer under "Compliant: Percentage of mission critical systems that are compliant. Also notice the following comment: "The LAY2K Coordination Office is tracking the percentage completion of the remediation effort of state systems and not able to report on the total number of compliant systems."

They don't have a clue.

"Waiter, another round of mudbugs and beer for the Louisiana crowd! Hurry, someone is starting to sober up!"

Big Easy

-- Big Easy (, May 24, 1999.

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