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Can someone please explain to me how the gov and the pollys are coming up with the no impact theory on our economy. It has me buffaloes for sure.

Taking into account some stats from some of the polls listed on this forum recently, a couple caught my eye. For instance, on one poll, the expected failures of foreign governments was 51% and of Third World nations, it was 81%. Then you have the major global recession for 12 to 24 months set at 30%. Does this mean major failures will mean nothing in 21% to 51% of the cases? And how can the gov and the industries keep saying that while they expect that there will be major problems overseas that it is not going to affect us here? Did I miss a logic lesson somewhere? If the same people are answering these polls, how do they not connect the dots? Does the gov really think the entire nation is that stupid that they cannot put 2+2 together? Just frustrated today I guess, that most of the population and the gov are adding 2+2 and coming up with 3. Sometimes I think we are in the Twilite Zone.

Thanks all for the chance to rant - {:-) Guess I am just at that "stage" (too old for PMS!!!)

-- Valkyrie (, May 24, 1999


I do not think there is a rational answer to your question but then I am of the opinion that the higher up the tree you go,the more time you spend preserving your position.This activity has nothing whatsoever to do with the job you are supposed to be doing.As for the sheeple,well self preservation hasn't kicked in....yet.

-- Chris (, May 24, 1999.

beats the hell out of me. All along i've assumed there will be a major ecconomic hit- with serious trade problems and shortages due to overseas problems irregardless of what happens in the US- don't see how it can be a "bump in the road"= as has been discussed on several threads recently- or as was attempted prior to invasion of each thread by troll types- was the reality of just how much stock in our stores is shipped in from overseas and how much of what we use comes from elsewhere. It has major implications IMHO- but then- what do I know? Nothing according to Chicken Little....

-- anita (, May 24, 1999.

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