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This bears repeating, instead of being buried deep in another thread -


The thread was, "60 Mins--increase in Newbies? Let's be nice. . .", started by "Old Git". Near the end, we find this....


Why the nicey-face all of a sudden?

Oh I get it.

If any newbies see all the terrible stuff you Doomers call anybody who disagrees with you, they might not fall into your web! Oh I see.

That's how all cults work....act real nice at first...until they're hooked. Then back to business as usual (slamming anybody unmercifully who doesn't follow the party line).

An old story repeated. Git you're a party operative, I see. Worst of the worst.

-- Chicken Little (, May 24, 1999.


hahahahahahahahaha ha ha

ho ho ho ho hahah ho ho

stop it PD, my sides are hurting!

-- Andy (, May 24, 1999.


Dear Plucked Chicken- You are seriously an idiot. All Git is requesting is that some people who cannot refrain from flaming others cool it a bit in order to enable newbies to wade thru the morass here and find something useful. That is not the definitiion of a cult. I'm sure you would prefer that all newbies depart this site in pure disgust and utter frustration. Some of us would like them to be able to access the information here and actually think about it. Why are you so scared to let them?

-- anita (, May 24, 1999.


"Dear Plucked Chicken- You are seriously an idiot. All Git is requesting is that some people who cannot refrain from flaming others cool it a bit in order to enable newbies to wade thru the morass here and find something useful." -- anita

Listen to what you are saying. "be nice so we can indoctrinate the newcomers; once they reach acolyte status, back to business as usual."

THAT is EXACTLY how a cult works. If you can't be yourselves *ALL THE TIME* then you are putting on a cult/religious face to 'snare' the unaware.

Welcome to the Cult of Yourdon. Anybody want a daisy?

-- IRONy MAN (marvel@comic.books), May 24, 1999.


Correction- most of us, myself included, are ourselves"all the time". Most of us don't spend our time flaming others and interupting serious posts and threads. Most of us on this forum want to discuss the implications of Y2K and preps for it. It's those who are only interested in debunking Y2k and who persist in trying to detour all conversations about it that this is intended for. If the shoe fits, wear it.

-- anita (, May 24, 1999.



I'm not scared of much of anything.

I am bothered by some things, though, such as the things Irony Man and moi just pointed out in plain black and white.

Once again your own words hang your argument -- "most of us, myself included, are ourselves all the time" -- um.....if that were true, why would the topic of this thread even be necessary?

I'm starting to think that a "b" definition of "Doomer" should be "one who cannot detect the most elementary of logical concepts"

If I'm an idiot, yes you're right, I'm a serious idiot. Wouldn't want to say where that leaves you, though.

-- Chicken Little (, May 24, 1999.

-- Chicken Little (, May 24, 1999



What bad outcomes do you see happening caused by the cult you claim to see?

-- Kevin (, May 24, 1999.

Chicken: Yes, I heard there was a cult like this in Central America last year. For some reason they were concerned that their grass and mud huts constructed on the flood plain they lived in would be deathtraps if the category 5 hurricane spinning off shore was to come inland. There was then a mass suicide, and 10,000 of the cult members perished. Did you hear about it?

-- a (a@a.a), May 24, 1999.

chicken little's not an idiot,he's just little,he's just immature,probably has either a long history of failed relationships or chronic masturbation.He just has to be right,always.rather than calling people like that idiot,it's probably more accurate to call him an ass-hole.what reason would he have to care if we're prepairing for what we view as an impending crises?our view threatens his religious view that technology(his golden calf)could never break something it then can't fix.ignore him as you'd ignore anyone of no consequence.

-- zoobie (, May 24, 1999.

Ever see a chicken with it's head FRESHLY CHOPPED OFF?

Panic really is for the birds!!!!!

-- GeeGee (, May 24, 1999.


It's already happened, dude. People who have cashed in their 401K's unnecessarily. People who have spent their life savings on things they won't need. People who have become branded as "the Y2K wacko" in their neighborhood unnecessarily.

I know the line: "if we're right, you'll die, if you're wrong, we can eat our mistake."

Well it isn't that simple. I'm not going to die, no matter what you people say. And there are people who have overreacted who are feeling negative consequences RIGHT NOW.

Fanaticism always has victims; even early on. As in, as we speak.

-- Chicken Little (, May 24, 1999.

People who have cashed in their 401K's unnecessarily. People who have spent their life savings on things they won't need.


It isn't necessary for you to label as a "cult" people who think Y2K risk is higher than your own estimate. You you need to define how much preparation is OK (if you think any is OK), and when you think contingency planning goes too far.

-- Kevin (, May 24, 1999.

As a newbie who found this forum not long ago, I am perplexed by the hostility and hatred aimed at those whose opinions diverge from the "norm" (a little joke). I would think that those looking for salient information about Y2K would be well advised to steer clear of this hornets nest of ill will and lunacy.

Best Regards,

-- Freda Bok (freda@hates.spam), May 24, 1999.

ROTFLMAO "a" !!!

-- "Mitch" (, May 24, 1999.

An uncomplicated request for a temporary bit of civility has resulted in a misanthropic harangue about cults. Chicken Little said:

"That's how all cults work....act real nice at first...until they're hooked. Then back to business as usual (slamming anybody unmercifully who doesn't follow the party line). . . Git you're a party operative, I see. Worst of the worst."

Chicken Little, my nervous system is partially destroyed by neuropathy and I can't remember to bring in the laundry when it rains sometimes, though thus far I've remembered to bring in myself. I forget to put vital ingredients in the bread machine and end up with folk-art doorstops. I have a check-list by the door: stove, checkbook, credit card, shoes. Then there's the depth perception problem: I can't even cross the street without a uniformed Boy Scout, let alone drive any more. When it's time for our evening walk, I say, "Get my leash, Sweetie, and let's go walkies."

And you believe I'm some sort of evil CULT RECRUITER? Can you hear my maniacal laughter where you are? Goodness, I really am laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes! How completely and utterly absurd!

-- Old Git (, May 24, 1999.


I can only speak for myself in the "hatred" department but I take the term "Hate" to be a far, far more intense emotion than anything I have seen here. I also know hate to be an extremely corrosive fluid which invariably damages the vessel that holds it far more than the object at which it may or may not eventually be directed.

Then there is the fact that we are all no more than glowing dots on a phosphor screen in cyberspace. It seems unlikely that hate would have any effect on the physics of the medium and would not likely traverse it with anything dangerous left by the time it arrived at its intended target.

I see no point in attempting to fling such a useless missle and I do not find anything in the Y2K debate worthy of such intense and negative emotion.

As for hostility, I think that by and large, what you will find is a few instances of individuals who seem to be basically hostile personalities, and a great deal of hostility generally directed at those who display rudeness, make little if any contribution to the discussion and in general effect nothing more than disruption and discord.

Many of us take discussions here to be a substitute for those that we cannot have, for various reasons, with the others here, in real life. Those who do so usually approach things with courtesy and reason, and attempt to keep the discourse meaningful. As in real-life however, misunderstandings, disagreements and sometimes intentional insults draw emotional responses that sidetrack the discussion. I think that most of us do the best that we can to come to such understanding of Y2K as is possible and desire no conflict. As with all human endeavor though, it doesn't always work.

In case no one has welcomed you here yet, "Welcome!" Hang about a while longer and you'll soon see who appears only to disrupt things and who is serious. Some of us are "loonier" than others but I've found this forum a worthwhile place to spend some time. The fact that you ask questions leads me to believe that you are not only possessed of a good deal of intelligence, but that you are likely to find much of value here.

-- Hardliner (, May 24, 1999.


...and sometimes, we are just having a bad day, and it shows. :-) Welcome Freda.

-- Lilly (, May 24, 1999.

For a view of the once and future Chicken look here

-- Ichabod Crane (, May 24, 1999.

Cult shmult!

Cult is a word bandied about to discredit groups of others with whom you do not agree.

Grow up CL, it is the hallmark of an immature mind that you cannot leave others alone because you do not like how they think, even more so when you call them names.

Why don't you find something constructive to occupy your time, and in the meantime, let others "delude" themselves if they wish to do so.

-- Unc D (, May 24, 1999.

That was a good one Ichabob!

"a robust chicken - a fine specimen of a chicken except for not having a head."


-- a (a@a.a), May 24, 1999.

geez chicken- how much attention do you gotta get anyway? Didn't want to let your "words of wisdom" get BURRIED deep in someone else's thread so you had to start your own??

Message to Old Git- better not post any Kool-Aid recipes now- people might start wondering...tee-hee

-- anita (, May 24, 1999.

Yo Ichabod,

LOL! they were talking about that guy on the Art Bell show the other night, I didn't realise the sucker could type too :)

-- Andy (, May 24, 1999.

The purpose of Old Git's "Let's be nice" is simple:

People who tend to disagree find it irresistable to fight unfairly, spawning resentment, hostility and bad table manners. This is fundamental to human nature. Violence begets violence. Bad table manners begets bad table manners, unless, of course you are Mr. Decker, whose facade mimics a cool and calculated ex-armed forces specialist on a mission to kill with kindness. There are people who demonstrate the use of psychology to achieve an ends.

Old Git simply wanted the tennis match to come to an end so the referee's could have a nice talk between themselves. This talk would be calm and objective, stating the facts of the game involved and which outcome would have a better likelihood of happening. This is the theme Old Git was talking about. You can see a polly is not in favor of it much less is a G.I. in favor of a polly being wasteful of precious time. Dense is the doornail and predictable is the synapse firing. Old Git is tired of the tape being played over and over again. This is more of a G.I. based forum than a Polly forum and I guess the G.I.'s are tired of shooting Kamakazi's . Old Git is suggesting that there be a cease fire so those who are newcomers will not be confused by irrational rhetoric when a serious matter is at hand, even moreso than any of us want to admit. The truth is painful and so is being in denial. Many of the Hosts of this forum want to cure what ails this country and reveal what many politicians and govt. leaders are concealing. Many of the people of this country just are not exposed to facts that are inherently hidden. The facts will not be revealed due to Politicians and lawyers. This is the fundamental reason why Y2K is not aired on T.V. or within the work environment. They want to see if they can fix it in time before everyone is set into panic mode. There is still time to speak on a level playing field and talk about current remediation efforts and whether or not they will be effective before the deadline. Many programmers host this forum and they have more insight than non-programmers.That is important not to forget.

Sincerely, Feller

-- Feller (, May 24, 1999.

I'm insulted.

Any technical person who doesnt have the courage to face the facts and take a stand (either way for that matter) should turn in their slide rule and society membership.

There are hard ethical problems here, and to just stand on the sidelines has got to be as damnable as the behaviour of the nazis. As things stand, technical professions will bear the blame REGARDLESS of the severity of the outcome.

Or maybe you think all those camp guards who gassed them jews were a bunch of nice ol boys just minding the store. "Genocide? That was the work of all those torch bearers in the nuremburg stadium, we just turn the gas valve here."

-- Karl Barth (, May 25, 1999.

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