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In another thread, ChickenLittle clucked, "Sen. Bennett was interviewed a couple of months back for the piece, and since has revised his stance more towards the 'lesser problem' area. Fact."

I've posted two transcripts/nearscripts of Senator Bennett's talk at the May WDC Y2K meeting. These were a huge effort to produce and are accessable so that everyone can get a sense of Bennett's thoughts, unfiltered to the degree possible.

Bennett is not softening his position. He's changing his focus as information becomes available and seems to be gradually falling into line with the WRPs.

For example, my personal assessment is that the "embedded" problem, like the "Bemer Solution" are side issues, interesting, fun to yak about but not society killers, savers. When Bennett minimizes the impact of the "embeddeds", he's not saying that there isn't a problem, he's saying that it is not as large as he thought it was... or more accurately, not as large as the people testifying before congress thought it was.

And there's no doubt that the party-line is still, "We have nothing to fear except fear itself." This is unfortunate because that was a bunch of bull when it was first slung by Roosevelt. Years after his speech, the economy was still in a pickle and there was still a little matter called WWII to contend with. There was lots to fear.

In Y2K, the worse news is yet to come. But don't worry. I'm working with an author on Pollyanna 2, a brief, optimistic break from the unrelenting bad news.

By the by, I hope everyone noted that 60 minutes, while they didn't mention Jo Anne by name, detailed several lookahead failures. Please denialists, don't argue with me. Refute the factual statements in 60 minutes. Tell them that the December payroll problem (the one that took 2 months to fix) wasn't real. Tell them that 100% remediated Monkey County didn't have a construction permits system crash doing a one year look-ahead.

I'll have more in the next WRPs. (I'm not pecking on Chicken, his/her post seemed to be a good lead for these comments.)

-- cory (, May 24, 1999


Well Goodness Gracious Gory Cory,

Seems as though you haven't yet posted what you say you've posted. Just went and checked. Number 119 from May 18 is there. But nothing about Bob Bennett there.

Number 120 gives a 404 error, i.e. Not there. (As of 6:10 EDT Monday, May 24, 1999)

But no problem. You will, certainly. We'll just have to deal with this a bit later.

I'm working on getting Sen. Bennett's quotes from the "60 Minutes" piece, as opposed to his more recent, more optimistic quotes.

We'll see.

Cluck cluck.

-- Chicken Little (, May 24, 1999.

Scroll down just OOOOOOOOOONE MORE, I know it's hard but DO IT. WRP-118 is Sen. B.B.

-- FLAME AWAY (, May 24, 1999.


For example, my personal assessment is that the "embedded" problem, like the "Bemer Solution" are side issues, interesting, fun to yak about but not society killers, savers.

May I assume from this that your "personal assessment" includes the fact that the electricity probably WON'T go off next year? :)

-- Stephen M. Poole, CET (, May 24, 1999.


About power, well I donno, but here's the problem. Nobody knows.

When you get past a certain level of complexity, you cannot predict the future. This is an old philosophical question and I certainly don't have the answer.

If you take a magnifying glass and examine one teeny-tiny issue, such as embeddeds, it doesn't look like a civilization killer. Again, for embeddeds, I'd defer to people like Flint.

Embeddeds are the bug-a-boo, the rustling at midnight of Y2K. Maybe a problem but very likely not as big as some fear. Here's a touchstone. The more knowledge and expertise a person has on the embedded front, the less fearful they are.

Contrary-wise, the more knowledge and expertise that a person has in the large systems/complex systems area, the more fearful they are.

This doesn't guarentee that the power will stay on and that water will pump. In fact, the Y2K management interviewed on 60M stated "stock 4 weeks of water." and they said it matter of factly. Implying to me, well, doesn't everyone have a 500 gallon bag of water in their living room?

But we shall see. Good luck to you all. No matter how this plays out, I'm looking forward to lots of tuna dishes next year, especially tuna w/mayo on white bread. I love it.

Hope to see some of you at the Y2K chat and at some of the local Y2K meetings, area visitors please avoid the dangerous parts of the city.

-- cory (, May 24, 1999.

"Contrary-wise, the more knowledge and expertise that a person has in the large systems/complex systems area, the more fearful they are."

Understatement of the century Cory :)

-- Andy (, May 24, 1999.

Ahem.... if I may have a moment?

Senator Bennett CLEARLY stated that "all the worst-case events WILL occur, but in VARIOUS 'localized' areas. But if you're in one of those areas, you won't be happy..." (or something quite close to that)

Personally, living in western WI, *I* can't live with (LITERALLY) no power or heat for a "few days". January up here ROUTINELY reaches 20 deg BELOW ZERO, with wind chill of 60 below.... C'mon up here; *I'll* show you "no problem".

-- Dennis (, May 24, 1999.

When one examines the STAKES INVOLVED when it comes to the power issues, the mere fact that "nobody knows" says it all. (Of course, pollys never consider this....)

-- King of Spain (, May 24, 1999.

Gory Cory said,

"Bennett is not softening his position". He already HAS, several times. Just finding the hard copy is the task.

Here's one example:

"An 'economic consequence' from Y2K is all but assured, according to the chair of the Senate Y2K panel. But actual physical disruptions in the United States should be a manageable "bump in the road," especially relative to other countries around the world.

"How high that bump will be, how radical it will be, I don't know," said Senator Robert Bennett (R-Utah), chair of the Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem. Bennett made his remarks to the Washington DC Year 2000 Group on Thursday night. Bennett said his information indicates that the threat from noncompliant embedded systems is less severe than earlier believed, and that the awareness and action on the Y2K problem had greatly improved over the last year. "I'm somewhat more optimistic than I was a year ago," Bennett said.

from Y2k Today, Link

-- Chicken Little (, May 24, 1999.

BTW, that Y2K Today snip is from April 24, about 3= weeks as I said originally, on the other thread Gory Cory quoted, "Sen. Bennett was interviewed a couple of months back for the [60 Minutes] piece, and since has revised his stance more towards the 'lesser problem' area. Fact."

Cluck cluck cluck.

-- Chicken Little (, May 24, 1999.

I was sitting in the third row and I could have sworn he said," rattled we will be." not "how radical it will be."

My visualization included a car on a bump, bottoming out and losing the rear axel.

-- sally strackbein (, May 24, 1999.

If a lot is to be made of Senator Bennett's assertion that he's somewhat more optimistic than he was a year ago it'd be good to recall what he was saying a year ago. Here are clips from comments he made mid-1998:

The Y2K Crisis: A Global Ticking Time Bomb?, by Senator Bob Bennett, June 2, 1998. "What's going to happen in your organization when you cannot transfer money into any of those branch offices or get any money out of any of the operations that are going on there because the banking systems in those countries will not be working? ... What's going to happen in your internal organization when many of your customers suddenly lose their jobs or lose their income because their organizations are not Y2K compliant, and they're facing serious layoffs?"

National Press Club Luncheon Address: Paul Revere Not Chicken Little, by Sen. Bob Bennett, July15, 1998. "I think the president's statement yesterday was a stirring call to arms. ... it's a little like announcing that we are at war. ... I believe we're going to win; that is I think that civilization as we know it is not going to come to an end. It's a possibility. Possibility, if Y2K were this weekend instead of 76 weekends from now, it would. But we have 76 weeks in which to try to get this under control. But we are, in a sense, at war against this problem."

Will the Health Care Industry Be Prepared for the Year 2000?, by Senator Bob Bennett, July 23, 1998. "Clearly, the health care industry is not yet ready for the Year 2000. If tonight when the clock struck midnight the calendar flipped to December 31, 1999, large portions of the health care system would fail. There are some six thousand American hospitals, 800,000 doctors, and 50,000 nursing homes, as well as hundreds of biomedical equipment manufacturers and suppliers of blood, pharmaceuticals, linens, bandages, etc., insurance payers, and others that are not yet prepared."

Opening Statement of Hearing: Communicating the Challenge of the Year 2000, by Sen. Bob Bennett, July 31, 1998. "... the sheer number of players illustrates the problem. Today in the United States, there are five long distance carriers ... , five major national television broadcasters, six Regional Bell Operating Companies, more than one thousand small phone companies, 16 communications satellite providers, more than 4500 Internet Service Providers and hundreds of cellular phone companies, thousands of broadcast radio stations and over eleven thousand cable services companies. And this just captures the infrastructure of the United States and does not include the thousands of large and small communications equipment manufacturers. ... this infrastructure relies on hundreds of millions of lines of computer code. It is too great a leap of faith to believe that all the elements of an endeavor this complex will be ready at the stroke of midnight just 17 months from today, especially in the light of the limited readiness the industry has shown to this committee."

Bunker Mentality Taking Hold in Fear of Y2K Glitch, by Karen Brandon, Chicago Tribune, August 3, 1998. "[Senator Bob Bennett] said he is worried about the prospect of riots, some ground-level weapons problems and payment for government programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and welfare. When asked if the cyber-survivalists should be considered wacky, Mary Jane Collipriest, Bennett's communications director, said no. When asked whether everyone else should begin taking similar steps, she replied, 'Not yet.'"

Somehow I can't get excited that he's 'somewhat' more optimistic than what he was saying back then.

-- Ron Rodgers (, May 24, 1999.

Oh my goodness gracious,

I was so busy pecking around the barnyard that I missed what Mr. Flame Away said about the WRP 118, where Sen. Bennett's statements are "quoted".


Two main points here:

(1) Who's "Critter"?

(2) Why should I (or anyone else, for that matter) believe that "Critter" has rendered a faithful recounting of exactly what Sen. Bennett said at the said event? Since Gory Cory is a confirmed Doomer, with an Agenda, if ever there was one? No 3rd party verification or peer editorial review whatsoever. Haven't you guys learned any journalism at all? They taught us better form than that in 10th grade English.

If I were to come forth with a 'transcript' of Senator Bennett comments, which a friend of mine (oh, let's call him "Buzzard") wrote up, would you be inclined to take Buzzard's writings as gospel? With no 3rd party verification?

Didn't think so.

Credibility gap here? Only large enough to drive a herd of Sherman tanks through, that's all.

Puck puck cluck cluck ba GACK.


"Don't piss down my neck and tell me it's raining."


-- Chicken Little (, May 24, 1999.

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Who Killed Gerry Reith? BIZARRE TRADE IN HUMAN BEINGS! You may be suffering under many potentially dangerous misconceptions about The Church of the SubGenius. This isn't some small-time mail- order comedy publisher working on a miniscule budget out of an anonymous garret, but a powerful conglomerate of talented, wealthy professional abnormals with state-of-the-art equipment, living it up in a downtown Dallas skyscraper.

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To some minds afraid to accept the truth, the Church is merely the biggest collective art project, or put-on, since the Pyramids. Others hate us, fear us, call us the "Mockers that shall come in the End Times." If we are those Mockers, then they should THANK US for helping to FULFILL BIBLICAL PROPHECY. The Church has given a lot of jerks an excuse to be even more obnoxious; but it has also given many CRUCIAL INDIVIDUALS the excuse to KEEP LIVING.

If the Church is just a big game, it's a game that has crossed over the border of imagination and become, perhaps, all too real... HELL, FOR ALL WE KNOW, THIS MAY BE THE MONSTROUS ONE-WORLD RELIGION PROPHESIED IN THE BIBLE!!! And, in fact, if The Conspiracy were ever to take it over, it COULD HAPPEN! The time will come when the TRUE Church will once again have to disappear and change disguises, because it must always crop up where they least expect it...

Like YOU, the Church is a chameleon -- it will disguise itself as ANYTHING in order to survive, fuck, and propagate more little Churches. Yes, of course that means this Church is built on a great sandy beach of hypocrisy, changing with each wave that comes in... but where would any religion be, without its fair measure of hypocrisy??

The Conspiracy calls it "humor" because no one can take the full truth. If this Church is a joke, it is the JOKE you can BELIEVE IN. And if it is merely a FAD, merely the "latest thing," then it is the ONLY "latest thing" that lasts FOREVER.

The Church IS a MYSTERY -- here to remind some that the mysteries still exist, and to remind others that they are wrong to think they can understand the mysteries. BE DAMNED GLAD YOU CAN'T!!

Laughter and pain are two sides of the same big stick. Some people can be saved from pure paralyzing horror by being gradually lured, through propaganda disguised as entertainment, to the realization that it isn't their fault: that there really is a Conspiracy. Everyone is intrigued by SCARY SHIT, and those feelings, those yearnings/repulsions are tied to religious feelings of Something Bigger running or not running things, depending on how bad your mood is... we honestly don't want you jumping for the most obvious Something Bigger that comes along because there ARE some Things Bigger, and some of them are BAD NEWS FOR MORTALS.

Why do we do this? Not for 'art'... certainly not out of any sense of duty to mankind... we do it for the money! ...and for THE SLACK, OF COURSE! And so, whatever it takes to bear "Bob's" word of Slack to the Slackless, let us do it. No matter how much money must be lost or blood spilled in our noble quest for greatness, no matter how stupid we must look, or even be, WE MUST CONTINUE. For our holy war, our jihad, is for the glory, not of ourselves, NAY, but of That Man "Bob:" that great Fingerhead of Knowledge who leads us, beckoning, winking, grinning, ever onward... to a future we cannot know. Ahhh, YES!! SMELL THAT CHURCH AIR!! This is a wonderful life we've been born into, an action-packed century! We'll live to see The End of the World! -- and then some.

So -- send in that $20 -- get your ordainment papers and big stack of STARK FIST magazines ... smoke a Fropstick, jack up your footgland, lean back and ENJOY! Because even as you read this now, atoms in your mind are being rearranged... for better or for worse, for good or evil, these we cannot say; these are value judgements peculiar only to this pathetic race of bipeds. There ARE others, however. The Dobbsdrome signal, even on these very pages, IS LOCKED NOW ONTO YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL -- AND YOU ARE HENCEFORTH UNDER THE PROTECTION/ SUPERVISION OF THE DOBBS. This may be why you suddenly feel 'different.' You have taken your first step towards your Destiny.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

-- ! (!@!.!), May 24, 1999.

Mr. Hamansaki:

I propose to you that embedded systems is the Y2k "issue", if for no other reason than their ubiquity. Many who have been attracted to this issue that share the level of concern that I do place alot of emphasis on whether power can be produced and distributed, whether oil tankers will be able to navigate correctly, or whether water systems might break down because of these pesky hidden systems.

But when you dwell on Y2k and it's possible affects long enough, you should come to the conclusion that it's not really a matter of the frequency or the magnitude of the failures, it's about our capacity to recover from them that is the concern. I postulate there are fewer big iron issues than embedded issues that will hinder our ability to recover. In that regard, I offer the following statement, made by David Eddy of Westergaard Year 2000:

"Humankind's will to survive, to pull their chestnuts out of the fire at the last possible moment is just too strong. There are too many workarounds available.

"Computer system 'crashes' don't obliterate physical goods like 500 pound bombs do a ball-bearing factory. Most of the computer systems exposed to Y2k problems are backoffice, administivia, management reporting and control systems, which, under duress, can and will be fudged for varying periods of time."

I understand your afinity for the big iorn, but Mr. Eddy is oft quoted on this site and commands a measure of respect. Some may dispute his commentary or the suppositions I have drawn from it and that is welcomed. Still, his viewpoint is not without merit, and push coming to shove, his more critical concerns ly elsewhere.

With that, and the realization that people like Rick Cowles have been dealing extensively with embedded controls concerns for the past three years, and that Dick Mills is less sanguine about power than in the early months of this year, Y2k embedded systems problems simply cannot be viewed as a side issue.

-- Hiway (, May 24, 1999.

What in the name of goodness gracious was all that about?

-- Richard Dymond (, May 24, 1999.

P.S. I was referring to !'s post, not the one just before mine.

-- Richard Dymond (, May 24, 1999.

Too much lysergic acid, not enough citric? Shrooms soaked with cow pee? Raw jimson weed with not enough garlic?

Goodness gracious. Ain't never seen a pink elephant talked like that one did.

No license plate neither.

-- Chicken Little (, May 24, 1999.

"By the by, I hope everyone noted that 60 minutes, while they didn't mention Jo Anne by name, detailed several lookahead failures. Please denialists, don't argue with me. Refute the factual statements in 60 minutes. Tell them that the December payroll problem (the one that took 2 months to fix) wasn't real. Tell them that 100% remediated Monkey County didn't have a construction permits system crash doing a one year look-ahead. "

Fraid I do have to ardue with you Cory. Go back and listen to that part again. My reading of it was that the payroll system failed in a test, not in production. It also failed for a specific day, December 18 (2 week look ahead?, but none the less, this is what testing is for. I do not argue that building permit part at all, that was a real look ahead problem, but the payroll, seeing as it was a test, does not count in my book.

-- None Of Your Business (, May 24, 1999.

I am a true believer when it comes to Y2K generated problems and the terrible impact this will have on our 'way of life'. However, to proclaim that this forum will not accept an opposing viewpoint is more than arrogant and could be seen as ignorant. I enjoy the back and forth input that is the hallmark of any energized discussion forum and to suggest that this forum should expell the views of one side or the other just won't fly. Let the Chicken's cluck and hopefully your mind will allow for the function of choice.

-- Boomer at the Beach (, May 24, 1999.

My goodness. Just came back from lunch and checked out the weird post by "!". What is that guy smokin'? As for me and mine, we believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

-- Sharon L (, May 24, 1999.

The "exclamation guy" has deliberately polluted several threads with that same drivel. Seems to dump it in the middle of the conversation.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (, May 25, 1999.

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