Jim Lord on Seattle "Town hall"

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Jim was on as a feature guest with others in the Seattle area. To bad he is not from Seattle. It would be hard to come into an area and not know what the risks are and aren't. Worrying about 90 days worth of water is not needed. The local speakers, folks that have been on the show are confident in health, water, power, and disaster relief. Although as a west coast individual I know that 3 - 5 days is rediculous if we get a serious earthquake out here. But we also have gravity fed power and water which reduces the risk. What has suprised me is the level of awareness in the audience. Most were very aware and asked good question.

The international exposure cropped up alot and of course was not resolved :o) Power is good, health prepared, everybody is on top of it.

But Jim stuck to his guns and said there is little to lose if you are over prepared. The alternative is we have alot to lose.

One thing this show was short on is hard facts. Everyone including Jim can say "I assume" "I think" "I believe". Little on the details. The differance in watching 60 min. and Town Hall was like night and day. There is no doubt where I would live. The 60 min. show was well focused and informitive. There seems to be this agreement that Y2K ready and Y2K compliant are the same thing. As seen on 60 min. it is not. Pen and Paper and a entity is ready for the rollover. HHHMMMM

-- Brian (imager@home.com), May 23, 1999


I ezpecially liked the kid (7-8) that was reading a preparadeness (sp) book. When he was asked if Y2K scared him he said," No, I love to go camping!"

-- Same as b4 (NWPhotog@Foxcomm.net), May 23, 1999.

The official "sell" of the current Wash. state administration is "Prudence, Not Panic". I attended a Y2K seminar at a local Jr. College where an King County Emergency Management bureaucrat blandly admitted that the threat of litigation was of primary concern in making any statements regarding Y2K. He too, made reassuring remarks prefaced with "we believe..." and "in the unlikely event of..." and similar vague platitudes. He was the best of a three person panel. One twit felt that if we just put up enough websites and hold enough seminars, why, the problem will just go away through awareness and education...She actually scolded a student for having the temerity to ask what the panel felt would be their worst case scenario(!). She felt that only positive questions should be entertained. She's also apparently chairing the remediation committee for the school.

-- Greg Lawrence (greg@speakeasy.org), May 24, 1999.

I thought it was called "townmeeting". that show _never_ resolves ANYTHING.

-- Seattle-ite (Rusty@much.rainfall), May 24, 1999.

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