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Got this from .

Le metropole offers a free 2 week trial to their membership. It is headed by Bill Murphy former line backer for NY Giants now a Gold Trader and Investment counselor. He and others including Professor Werner von Braun have formed the Gold Anti Trust Association and have file an anti-trust suit arguing that Goldman Sachs, Robert Rubin ex-Sec Treas USA, and others have illegally manipulated gold prices.

It looks like the show is about to start. 60 Minutes was the wake up call.

Peace to you and yours! Bill

Le Metropole members,

David Tice has served commentary at the Hemingway Table entitled," Increasing Signs of Systemic Risk". If you have money in the markets, a must read.

"Latin and South American shares routed" "faltering liquidity conditions - derivative sellers' "the first inning" "watch the credit spreads now"

Some Midas comments:

For some time now we have alerted Cafe members that our plugged in sources have told us that it is known among the inside crowd that various bullion banks have staggering exposure to an upside move in the gold price. In other words, because they have so much gold out on loan, that if the gold price were to shoot well North of $300, they could be in danger of going under - tapioca city.

Near, or at, the top of our list is Credit Suisse. Yesterday, Credit Suisse was all over the news for obstructing an investigation in Japan. It is our understanding that: 1. Their business operations have been suspended in Japan 2. A Managing Director may not leave the country and may face criminal charges 3. Two sources have told us that Credit Suisse employees are shreading documents all over the world. 4. They have big derivative problems, especially in Brazil

In other words, an immense scandal is brewing. Earlier this month, this Zurich based Bank was ordered to pay $240,000 to Sweden's stock exchange after one of its traders was "found to have manipulated stock prices".

Midas believes the BOE gold sale announcement is tied to this sort of a financial crisis which is brewing behind the scenes. Officialdom and the bullion banks are DESPERATE to hold the gold price down. Goldman Sachs is leading the bear charge and continues to bash the market. Yesterday, even we heard that they were looking for size in the OTC market. It is our understanding that Goldman Sachs has a staggering 1000 tonne short position on its books.

This is too big a subject to deal with in depth at this point in time. But, take heart in this grueling, brutal time. There are many events, or happenings, that could send the gold price into orbit in the near future. Our day might not be as far away as you might think.

As I go to mail this, it has crossed my desk that Lehman Brothers is also being investigated in Japan.

The stories about market manipulation are growing at an expotential rate. It would appear the manipulation has grown ever since the Long Term Capital Management bailout and we strongly believe there are many other Long Terms out there that could blow at any time.

To close out this little ramble, we have yet to receive a promised letter from the Senior Counsel of Long Term Capital Management denying any involvement whatsoever in "the gold carry trade". I wonder why?

Le Metropole Cafe

Have a great weekend

Bill Murphy Le Patron

-- Bill P (porterwn@one.net), May 23, 1999



Thanks so much for this posting of information on gold tradings. I am watching this situation as best I can, but your post was very helpful.

-- Gordon (gpconnolly@aol.com), May 23, 1999.

Thanks Bill, keep the information coming!

-- Andy (2000EOD@prodigy.net), May 23, 1999.

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