A Preparedness Proclamation To Make September National Awareness Month

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This was sent around in yesterdays NHNE New Heaven New Earth e-mail list.

Every city could... hopefully... endorse such a stated intention.


Sat, 22 May 1999 23:21:25 -0700
NHNE Special Report: Part One: Nation's First Y2K Grassroots Survey

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In related developments, it is our understanding that Koskinen is about to announce a program that will encourage cities all over the United States to focus on community preparedness. We'll provide more details about this as soon as possible.


Meanwhile, Liza Christian, one of the four panelists scheduled to appear at the upcoming Senate hearings, is arriving in Washington with a proclamation signed by seven mayors in the Rogue Valley, Oregon area. Liza's hope is that the federal government will adopt the proclamation and, in turn, encourage communities around the country to do likewise.

If you read this proclamation carefully, you will notice that it is not focused exclusively on Y2K. Instead, it is aimed at helping local communities be prepared for unexpected disruptions in general. Given the increasingly unstable, uncertain, and explosive nature of the times in which we live, a national movement toward greater independence, resiliency, and self-sufficiency is sorely needed and the proclamation Liza is taking to Washington will, I hope, encourage the U.S. government (and other nations around the world) to move as quickly as possible in this direction.

In future updates, we will be providing an overview of what happened during the May 25th subcommittee hearings and will also let everyone know how Liza's proclamation efforts go.


Signed by seven Rogue Valley, Oregon mayors

PROCLAMATION WHEREAS, the American people have always valued industriousness and self-sufficiency as well as knowledge, training and execution of preparedness methods and strategies, and

WHEREAS, our federal and state government through such agencies as FEMA, the National Guard, and by mandate, the American Red Cross, has always provided able assistance to those who experience disruption, upheaval, and confusion, or otherwise suffer as a result of a disaster, and

WHEREAS, in the event of a national or global emergency, our government's resources may be unduly burdened or insufficient to meet the needs of all who require some level of assistance or intervention, and

WHEREAS, increasing awareness of possible disasters from earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters, and the possibility for some disruptions to normal way of life due to computer interconnectivity and Year 2000-related problems make overall individual and community readiness a wise and prudent decision, and

WHEREAS, individual preparedness will richly reward those who are prepared and be of no negative consequence if little or no demand on those resources is made,

NOW THEREFORE, WE do hereby proclaim the Month of September, 1999 as


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we hereunto set we hand this ____ day of ____, 1999.

__________________ Mayor of the City of ________________________

_________________________ (signature)

and do encourage all of our citizens in Jackson and Josephine Counties to prepare themselves to the level of their comfort, ability, and protection, for periods of time when an individual, local, national, or global emergency might occur.

-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), May 23, 1999


See also...

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Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem
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Washington D.C. 20510


http:// www.nhne.com/y2kgrassrootssurvey/index.html

The website listed above contains the complete report, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and URL's to referenced organizations and websites.

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http:/ /www.nhne.com/y2kgrassrootssurvey/comments.html

-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), May 23, 1999.

I like the proclamation. It's very positive and a step in the right direction. It encourages individual preparedness and responsibility. (What a novel idea).

-- Clyde (clydeblalock@hotmail.com), May 23, 1999.

Personally I think government's gonna have Y2K Awareness month either July or August, based on the following. IMHO

MAY May 25 Senate Hearings on Community & Individual Preparation

JUNE - Govt starts nationwide Y2K townhall meetings for community & individual preparation - Govt Y2K preparation pamphlets distributed to public via net and libraries nationwide

JULY [For Y2K] "In Britain the Army is on standby, as it is in Ireland, France, Germany and Canada. I understand President Clinton will put the Army on standby in the US in July." Mr. Harvey [New Zealand Labour Party's president] http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nzherald99/story.cfm?theStoryID=4751

AUGUST 21 (Midnight): GPS End-of-Week Rollover Very vulnerable time

"The system is affected by both the Year 2000 computing problem and a problem associated with the way the system keeps track of time."

"... It is conceivable that some organizations and users may not even be aware that their GPS receiver could be vulnerable to the end-of-week rollover problem."

"... Some may not even be aware that they rely on a GPS receiver as a communications network tool."

"Because they contain precise clocks, GPS receivers are sometimes used to synchronize time in communications networks ... Synchronization is critical to the transmission of compressed or packetized 3 voice, data, and video transmissions."

Timing errors due to the lack of synchronization, in fact, can lead to data loss and degradation and eventually to network disruption or even complete failures. Because of the interconnective and interdependent nature of networks, these problems, in turn, could impact other networks and even the Internet." (Rhodes - May 12 Congressional Hearing) http://www.house.gov/science/rhodes_051299.htm http://www.techstocks.com/~wsapi/investor/reply-9567593

SEPTEMBER - MILITARY: "For the purpose of this memorandum, the Y2K transition date period is defined to be from 1 September 1999 through 31 March 2000 " SUBJECT: DoD Year 2000 (Y2K) Support to Civil Authorities FROM: Deputy Secretary of Defense http://www.army.mil/army-y2k/depsecdef_dod_civil_support.htm

SEPTEMBER - UTILITIES: Sept 9 Nationwide Test of entire American Electrical System "Drill may include reducing planned outages, modified committment of resources, redispatch of generation and transmission loading, cooperation with electric market participants, and staffing of all critical facilities. Simulate system conditions and operating plans for the Y2K transition as closely as possible..." http://www.techstocks.com/~wsapi/investor/reply-9568312

Military worries that WVA/VA 765KV grid interconnection planned for 1998 won't be available until 2002, making mid-Atlantic states vulnerable. http://www2.army.mil/army-y2k/Hottopics.htm

SEPTEMBER - BANKING: "they predict that cash problems ...could crop up from as early as September and that they will almost certainly last until the end of February." http://www.techstocks.com/~wsapi/investor/reply-9546755

-- Cheryl (Transplant@Oregon.com), May 23, 1999.

Thanks Cheryl,

If they haven't "gotten it" by September, well, they must live on another planet.

Kind'a thought September might have something to do with school starting up again.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), May 23, 1999.

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