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Is there anyone in Wales(UK)that wants to face o massive horde of Chaos (from any system WH40K or Warhammer)or is there noone out there who could face the might of the dark hordes.

Also who believes that the removal of the Bezerkers furious charge rule (from 2nd edition wh40k)was i silly idea?

-- Michael John Burke (, May 23, 1999


no, actually, I kinda like the fact that my poor guardsmen stand a chance against a brezerker charge, call me crazy, by the way, a word of advice to anyone fighting Dark Eldar, kill the wytches BEFORE they charge, they took out a good 450 points worth of my poor guardsmen in three turns last game i fought. That is a lot of dead guardsmen, let me tell you, well he only got 9 slaves out of me, so that's not too bad, can you say rescue mission, oh yes!

-- Lt. Col. Williams (, May 26, 1999.

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