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I just got back from a visit to Singapore and Hong Kong and found that 99% of all DVD machines sold in these two countries are all already modified. No need to pay any extra fee for modification. The DVD machines, including the portable ones, all support multi-region. The older models come with special instructions on how to switch regions but the newer models like the Panasonic Model DVD 515 are all automatic detection. Just stick in the DVD disc and the machine auto detects the region and plays ! These machines support power ratings of 110 volts to 240 volts.


This also applies to the Sony Playstation Consoles. All of which are already "Chippped" or "modified" to play both original and foreign imports. Price for the chipped consoles and the originals are the same.

-- Michael Stevens (, May 23, 1999


News is also coming through that the new PLAYSTATION 2 is already chipped. It also sells for the same price and is about 100 cheaper than here in the U.K.

-- Andy Lee (, January 29, 2001.

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