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Last night, on both the 6:30 and 11:00 Puget Sound NBC affiliate, Y2k updates were announced. The earlier broadcast reported that Trans Alliance, the company that provides ATM service to 800 banks as well as the Boeing Employees' Credit Union, was ordered by federal regulators to be Y2K compliant by June 30. On the late news, they reported that local small businesses are spending plenty to get ready. They featured a Seattle food market...Market Time Foods. Their outside reader board said they are closing May 24 at 6:00pm to be Y2K ready. The owner, of 30 years, was interviewed. He said no one knows how Y2K will turn out but that "we're in no position to take a chance." They're spending $80,000 to update the checkout computer system at their three stands. Further, he said they will take a loss in profits rather than raise prices to pay for the new equipment. (What a guy!) Yesterday, on www.Y2Knewswire, the lead article stated there's been a turnaround, after a period of complacency. Newswire said to expect to see more in the media now about Y2K (right on here in Puget Sound!), and that tomorrow night's 60 Minutes will have a "Y2K shocker story." Finally, by Vicki Smith, Associated Press, 5/14/99, 159 steel workers at Weirton Steel in W.Va., recently got their jobs back. "More people are starting to stock up on canned food, and that means more demand for the tine containers it's packed in..." Spokesman, Gregg Warren, said "I'm not saying (Y2K) is the sole reason, but it's part of the reason..." Months ago, I tried to persuade others that stocking up, at that point,(and still) is not hoarding and could indeed be a boost to the economy, all the way back to the wheat, etc., farmers supply. (I never thought of tin cans! But how satisfying to find this great granny still has some spurts of wisdom!) Take Y2K seriously, friends, PREPARE!! Holly

-- Hollaine Allen (, May 22, 1999


Not so long ago, our local newspaper ran an article on the series of seminars that FEMA was holding nationwide. The seminar was currently being held in Dallas, so the article went into some detail regarding what FEMA had said. The local news on T.V. that night spend all of 2 seconds mentioning the seminar in Dallas, then stated that "Y2k will present absolutely no problems." "Reach out and touch someone." came to mind, as I had a very strong desire to reach through the T.V. screen and choke the "talking head."


-- Anita Spooner (, May 23, 1999.

Our local TV station runs a Y2K ad. It suggests reading what the Red Cross has to say about Y2K and warns people to be aware that there could be problems.

I think the talking head news media is censored as far as warning about Y2K. 60 Minutes should be interesting!!

-- GeeGee (, May 23, 1999.

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