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I've stumbled across an older camera in my local shop, and wanted to know if anybody out there is familiar with the design or knows its market value; It's a Linhof Color Kardan. It apears to consist of Technikardan III-like standards on a circular monorail. The particular sample I'm looking at has been modified (by a VERY good machinist from all indications) such that the monorail splits into 2 segments, which means that the camera folds to ~5" thick. Maximum extention is ~16".



-- Patrick Chase (, May 22, 1999


Originally there was the Linhof Kardan with the front and rear of the Technika IV (there was no camera named a Technikardan III) that camera was replaced by the Kardan Color which had a split monorail and rear rise.

If you want me to verify which model specifically this is you can post the serial number. It does not sound like this camera has been modified at all.

-- Bob Salomon (, May 22, 1999.

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