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I read the aricle "Helping Our Students See Their Learning" by Donna Ogle in the Teaching K-8 Magazine, October, 1994. Miss Ogle reports how elementry students can self assess what they have learned in a unit or in the class by deeping portfolios, journals and in primary grades the use of wall charts and list of questions asked and answered. This way the students can see the progress they have made. It was interesting because the day I read this article one of my second graders was looking through her journal and she brought it up to me and said, "Mrs. Hedburg, Look at how much better my handwriting is now compared to the beginnig of the year." I had told her I had noticed the progress and was happy that she was able to see it too. This is one of the ideas that we are incoporating into our research study for our master thesis. That students will become more involved and take more ownership of their learning if they can see the results.

-- Anonymous, May 22, 1999

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