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I have 4 LL F40PH locos that I am considering converting to DCC. I was planning on using the MRC decoder since I don't need a lot of functions and they are getting pretty cheap..All the rest of the locos are using Digitrax.. Any suggestions?

-- Ron Ackerman (, May 22, 1999



It's not just functions (MRC reference), but also features. Newer and better decoders will have CV programming (vs register mode), on the main programming, speed curve, voltage ranges (start, mid, max) and varied means of acceleration and deceleration as well to consider. Lenz, North Coast, Zimo, and the Digitrax all have some good - but low end functions - but plenty of features. Consider all the needs and not just the lowest priced alternative.

-- Ed McCamey (, May 23, 1999.


Here is some food for thought before you make your choice here.

The Digitrax DH121, will give you 2 functions, 4 Digit Addressing, Paged, Direct, OPS programming, 14/28/128 speed steps, Advanced Consisting, 1.5 amps output, 200mA functions, User Definable Speed Table, Vstart, Broadcast reception, function mapping, etc.

Also the list price from Digitrax is under $19.95 US. Street price is $16 to $17. Lot pricing of 5 or more is from $13 to $15.


Remember Always Have Fun and Enjoy!, Don Crano Akron, Oh NMRA #096211 Visit Model Railroading with DCC at: Join The Digitrax Chat List

-- Don Crano (, May 31, 1999.

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