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Hi, I'm using a canon FTb, and I was just wondering about the metering... it's just a needle and ring system, but I was wondering if the diameter of the ring (on the viewfinder) is equal to one full stop. let me explain. if the needle is in the middle of the ring it is correctly middletone. but if the needle is on the very top edge of the ring, is the exposure +1/2 stop (or on the bottom edge of the ring, is the needle -1/2 stop)? I've been trying to figure out, and i beleive it is, but am not really sure.

thanks, martin

-- Martin Ceperley (martin@ceperley.com), May 22, 1999


Yes it is, at least in my latest model FTb (FTb-N ?).

You should be able to figure this out accurately enough by setting the camera on tripod, selecting any aperture, pointing at (e.g. white) subject so that the needle "touches" the ring lower part. Then change the shutter time one value longer (e.g. from 1/60 to 1/30) and the needle should be close enough the upper part of the aperture ring.

By doing this you also find out the exact place where the needle must be in relation to the ring to be exactly 1/2 stop from the center - if you really need to be that accurate.


-- vesa-pekka (vesa-pekka.perakyla@sycon.fi), May 24, 1999.

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