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I'd like to thank everyone that made it to the steak house in Fairfax, last night. I enjoyed the conversation, enjoyed meeting Arlin, Big Dog, Bingo1, Mike, Thomas, and Sarah, and hope that you all also enjoyed yourselves. It is true that we were a little disappointed that Mr. Decker couldn't make it. I returned afterward to find his email and warm apologies. But there is a second get together for those that couldn't make it. Thanks again and I hope to see you all again, soon.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, May 21, 1999


P.S. Critt, where were ya?

-- Stan Faryna (, May 21, 1999.


I cannot wait much longer ..... ... SO WHAT HAPPENED? :)

-- (cannot-say@this.time), May 21, 1999.

Man, I am really bummed that I couldn't be there. I even seriously entertained the notion of using a frequent flyer coupon and flying out, but my vacation days are already dwindling and it's only May. But yes, please tell us what went on.

-- David Palm (, May 21, 1999.


thanks for coordinating the meeting - it was great to actually talk to all of those folks face to face! It really impressed me as to just how diverse a group of people y2k preparers really are.

Looking forward to the next time,


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 21, 1999.

Yes, Stan. Please tell us what went down.

(one caveat: you had better make me look good!) ;-)

I too wish to thank all who attended. No fisticuffs, a high level of debate, plenty of laughs, & above all warmth & respect permeated the festivities.

I look forward to the next get-together. Let's have a bunch of new faces in attendance next time. You really have no idea what you all missed!

Best Wishes,

-- Bingo1 (, May 21, 1999.


To echo your thought.

It was certainly most enjoyable. Quite a good time.

Anyone who didn't go, MAKE IT TO THE NEXT ONE!!!!

I learned....LOTS!


Thank you for Coordinating. I'd be happy to do it again soon.

I'm still digesting, no pun intended, the dinner conversation.


-- Thomas G. Hale (, May 21, 1999.

Nothing happened more than strangers getting together, having a hell of a good time, treating each other like old friends, and getting to know each other as we smoked cigarettes like chimneys. I admit that I failed to find the Monte Cristos, but did bring Habana Coronas. Mike, even got to take some with him. As Arlin notes above and I also found interesting, we were a diverse group and that diversity didn't get in the way of each person being very interested in all of the others and what they had to say. Of course, the only ones video taping were the FBI. (grin)

I will leave the details of the evening for Big Dog or (grin) someone else. You might get them to tell you about when Big Dog was dancing on the table top to the Beach Boys as Bingo1 was getting psyched up to win the wet t-sirt contest. You should see his pecks! Sarah's steel tipped hair spikes reminded me of something I saw in the Freer Art Gallery, and I'm more than sure that my kilt took some by surprise. Arlin's pontifications on the finer points of lace embroidery were instructive. I have never before seen finer needle work than Arlin's.

As we left, the federal agents stumbled from their long-held bar side perch, mumbling about how the party was supposed to be over by 8:00 pm.

-- Stan Faryna (, May 21, 1999.

P.S. The agents weren't sure what they were going to tell their wives. but they had a great time and look forward to the next get together.

-- Stan Faryna (, May 21, 1999.

WHAT a surprise old dd not turning up....

-- Andy (, May 21, 1999.

How much do you want to bet that the "old fart" is really just a teenager who is a real whiz-troll?

-- King of Spain (, May 21, 1999.

Ante up.

Since I'll be seeing Mr. Faryna in the next week or so, I think he'll serve us well. Let's pick a nice round number... $100? More? Contact Stan and he'll make the arrangements. When Stan contacts me, I'll cover your bet(s) via FedEx. If I'm a "teen whiz" or don't show, you get your money and mine as well. Oh, when I do show, I'll make sure Stan takes the traditional 10% for holding the cash and donate both your money and mine to a local charity. I think we can agree Mr. Faryna is an trustworthy man and will honor the obligation.

So, in the parlance of poker, bet or fold.


-- Mr. Decker (, May 21, 1999.

Where are my manners? My apologies to the those who attended. I regret missing what sounds like an enjoyable evening.


-- Mr. Decker (, May 21, 1999.


Still have the last Habana Corona which I will save for Sunday evening. I'll smoke it while sitting under the old maple tree in the back yard.

Having people together and discussing so many different things was important. Seeing old friends for the first time was unique for me. It was fun to hear stories that would never be posted but helped to increase my awareness of how serious the problem will become. It seemed as though each of us could contribute something that increased each others resolve to prepare.

It was nice to be amoung people who are genuinely concerned about the welfare of others. Some of the discussions were of the "what if" variety and though lively at times they always reflected an awareness of the vulnerability of so many.

Over the past year I have made some hard decisions. Last night I learned I was not the only one and it is far easier to do nothing than to subject myself to criticism. Right or wrong I am willing to stand by my choices. And I am not alone. That is why the meeting was important to me.

Of course we had a lot of laughs and were off topic a lot of the time. Hell, it was a blast. Good people, good conversation, and good food. For those who missed it, Stan(thanks for organising it) promises there will be another. I cannot wait.

Stan, did anyone ever identify the lurkers at the bar and the one in the parking lot?

-- Mike Lang (, May 21, 1999.

LOL! No Kidding Stan - next time we need to send someone over to offer them a drink...


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 21, 1999.

Mr. Decker

We do not need a circus act or a grand entrance. You need do nothing out of the ordinary. Simply join us and allow us the pleasure of your company

-- Mike Lang (, May 21, 1999.

Mr. Lang,

I'll be delighted with a quiet entrance, introductions and a relaxed evening. I just want "Andy," the "King of Spain" and their ilk to know that I will, on occasion, call their bluff.

I look forward to debating the finer points of the Ramon Allones against the finest of Mr. Faryna's humidor.


-- Mr. Decker (, May 21, 1999.

Ya better give us a WHOLE LOTTA warning. Sounds like I may have to con Mrs. Driver into the 6 or 8 or whatever hour drive from Cleve. She'll think I'm CRAZY but that won't be anything mew.


-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 22, 1999.

But Mr. Decker....I thought we spoke at the bar?

-- Two in One (c.c@c.c), May 22, 1999.


I'd like to open the floor to the possibility of a Saturday afternoon picnic in a park. I also think that another calendar date is best as I'd like to better coordinate how to get some more good people to come on out. There seems to be several good reasons to suggest this:

PARK LOCATION + I'd like to see Sally talk about Y2K cooking and demonstrate some of Y2K Kitchen's finest. I'd expect we could all throw in something from firewood to stuff on a grocery list. Maybe a small honorarium too for Sally... as well as some assistants to keep her from breaking a sweat.

+ I'd like to have a show and tell of Y2K (or "smart living") things like Aladdin lamps and Petromax lanterns, Berkfield Water Cans and Katadyn Water Pumps, solar ovens and multi-fuel/other cook stoves, solar battery chargers and hand-cranked radios and flashlights, etc.

+ Beyond a show and tell of things, their may be an opportunity for a show and tell of skills from bucket gardening to sprouting in bags.

+ I've not thought this out, but an opportunity to trade things too. I have a feeling that some of us may have some worthwhile things that we don't need and someone else might. Of course, keeping it friendly and casual would be the idea. Got too many seeds or too many oil lamps?

+ Smokers and non-smokers would have the opportunity to talk to each other from upwind/downwind.

+ Opportunity for pot luck of sides, drinks, cigarettes, and cigars.

+ Pets are allowed.

If there isn't complete consensus on the worthwhileness of a picnic, I'll just get to working out a new date. If there is consensus, I will start looking for a park place right away (I'll welcome suggestions). It will take me a week or so to figure out a pleasing and suitable location. Also, I and/or someone else may be able to assist you in locating hotels, friendly couches, or guest rooms-- if you are coming from out of state (that would include Chuck and the rest of you here).

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

P.S. FBI agents can also bring their spouses and significant others and join the fun. We'll provide food and drink. Our lips are sealed.

-- Stan Faryna (, May 22, 1999.

In my wife's family there is a story about her step father. Seems he was one of those good-ol-boys which every town has a couple of. People that the BCI folks can come to to find out what's happ'nin, and the Familias can do the same. (Interesting stories abound but this is the germain one). Seems that one of the Alphabet groups had decided that Dad needed surveiling. The agent assigned, called and said "D***, we've got you under surveilance, I'm assigned. Meet you at the lake, you bring the bait, I'll bring the beer"

And they went out and had a great weekend.


PS after 25 years, she finally isn't uptight about pictures of herself.

-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 22, 1999.

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