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Still laughing about this one:

Now let's see here if I understand all this correctly. President Clinton has ordered our forces to engage an entrenched, politically motivated enemy, backed by the Russians, on their home ground, in a foreign civil war, in difficult terrain, with limited military objectives, bombing restrictions, boundary and operational restrictions, queasy allies, far across the ocean, with uncertain goals, without prior consultation with congress, the potential for escalation, while limiting the forces at his disposal, and the majority of Americans opposed to or at least uncertain about the value of the action being worth American lives.

So just what was it that he was opposed to in Vietnam?

-- seraphima (, May 21, 1999


VN was about "Natural Reesources" and "Keping the worls safe for democracy" and "dominoes".

THIS is about "the children" and "the ethnicaly cleansed" and (oh yeah) the OIL ( can you say Ploesti Oil Fields and distribution center in Romania?? It's JUST over the hill [carpathians]}


-- Chuck, a night driver (, May 21, 1999.

No, Chuck, it's easier than that. The diff is just that he might've had his OWN ass shot off in Vietnam.

-- Blue Himalayan (bh@k2.y), May 21, 1999.

Chuck - Let's not forget about the Trepca mines in Kosovo.

If the current 5(?) year contract on the Trepca mines get's altered, look very closely at the money trail.

Example, after the Gulf War the state of Bahrain signed a contract with an obscure small Texas oil company to control all of the exploration, developing, processing, and distribution of oil in the state of Bahrain. That small little oil company was owned by on of George Bush's sons.

-- Ken Seger (, May 21, 1999.

Right, Seraph, and BH! Klintoon is a coward, a LIAR, a MURDERER, A THEIF, A TRAITOR, A RAPIST AND A WAR CRIMINAL! He should have been impeached. It's a sign of cultural death that he was elected AT ALL! For the love of God, Freedom, honor and all that's good, WHY WAS HE ELECTED?? WHY DO THE PEOPLE SUPPORT HIM??? I DON'T GET IT!!! *Sigh* It should be obvious that he is the enemy of everything America was founded on! He's scum, pure and simple. Klintoon is nothing but a NWO lackey, commited to making us all slaves, a la 1984. When will the sheeple wake up?? Is everyone blind except for the few people on this forem, and a few others? I've been having strange dreams(premonitions) that I take to mean things are going to get BAD. Clinton is one reason for these feelings. I wish others had the brains to see it! Now the last line of defence against the oncoming tide of evil is under assult. As soon as the traitors, lead by the Traitor/Murderer, Rapist, Coward in Chief of course, destroy the 2nd amendment, we will all be made slaves, and death won't be far behind that. It's too late for a peaceful solution, so that leaves us with...what? World War 3? Civil War? Armageddon? I don't know. All I do know is that the good times are about over...Honor does matter, lies cannot be excused, evil actions do have evil consiquences... *sigh* sorry about the length of this post but I had to say what I beilive, while I still can! :) This quote from "braveheart" sums it up: "THEY CAN TAKE OUR LIVES, BUT THEY'LL NEVER TAKE... OUR FREEDOM!!!" (of course they lost, but...) :( That should be our rallying cry, when we see what is being done! :)

-- Crono (, May 21, 1999.

clinton is a shill for big business,just like bush,reagan,and all the rest.ours is a one party government that poses as a two party Noam Chomsky's "manufacturing consent" to learn how we've been duped by the media into believing that this is "the land of the free" instead of "land of happy slaves". As Ghandi said..."the slave owners victory is complete when the slave takes pride in his chains",how true.clinton is just a rich white male that supports the interests of industry,JUST like every one before him.

-- zoobie (, May 21, 1999.


yOu aRE HAViNG STranGE dREAms???????? REaLLy????? diETEr doES ToO, DOEs hE NoT????? neIn????? yES?????? 100 doLLaRS SAys ThAt YouR DReaMS ArE STranGer ThAN dieTEr's!!!!!!

-- Dieter (, May 21, 1999.

The idea that America (or any country) values individuality as the highest ideal is a myth. Perhaps in simpler times it was true, but no modern industrial society can really afford a population of unpredictables. This is not surprising - the long history of our cult's persecution by the Conspiracy goes back for generations untold, and indeed there are signs of their hoary repression of prehuman SubGenii dating from before "man's" appearance on Earth. All of civilization's painful and misguided climb up from the primeval slime, and its subsequent loss of Slack and of any class at all, has been indelibly marked, nay, entirely motivated, by the aeons-bridging conflict between the Conspiracy's mindlessly chickenshit Witless Principals and the Jehovah-spawned, grandiose depravity of the superior yet ethnically all-encompassing race of latent SubGeniuses. (You should know this - you were/will be there in the Beforelife!) The fact that only in recent years has "our kind" begun to recognize our own sovereignty demonstrates both how vicious have been Their efforts at further denying us Slack and yet how near is our race to TRIUMPH. All this is ULTIMATE PROOF that Jehovah 1 has not only promoted the SubGenius as His Special Tool, but has simultaneously pulled the strings which make Them endarken Themselves with their hereditary ignorancy and us with their cubistic witch-hunt superstitions. His "reason" for this two-faced obedience-school programming, this fissioning of history into binary "war equations," unfortunately, or, perhaps, thankfully, remains a total mystery. But Jehovah 1 is not alone in His cosmic meddling, for Earth has been periodically visited for thousands of years by BENEVOLENT ALIENS of such technical and psychic superiority that their powers,while no match for Jehovah's, are nonetheless nothing short of " no slopeheads alone could build, the miracles of the Old Testament, all these and more are events so inextricably interwoven with the invisible background war between Jehovah and the Xists that all the "Ancient Astronaut" fossils in the world furnish only the barest of clues. (The movie rights ALONE to these gut-splitting tales of reincarnancient history are worth millions!) Yea, it has even been suggested that the Carpenter of Nazareth himself, God Jr., Jesus 'What, Me Worry?' Christ, was in actuality a 'space detective' of the Xists, walking the Earth in human form with the mission of extricating us from the Monster God's grip. The black shadow of the Conspiracy, unfortunately, has seen to it that even His teachings were diluted and distorted until human attempts to follow them were fully as misguided as the carving of the heads of Easter Island or the 'runways' of Nazca. And so the true destiny of the SubGenius has been kept secret from Man. For Jehovah 1 is to the Xists and Us what a hungry fisherman is to a prize fish and his favorite pet worm - the last in the can. How many million other races were used before us in these ghastly galactic water-sports? JEHOVAH 1 MANIPULATES US FOR HIS OWN SINISTER ENDS.

-- ! (!@!.!), May 21, 1999.


tELL dIETer NoT OF YouR DReAmS!!!!!!

-- Dieter (, May 21, 1999.

For sheer, freakin' lunacy, DiEter, I'm afraid this guy makes you look like Eddie Haskell next to Charles Manson. Methamphetamine does that to people.

-- Spidey (in@jam.commie), May 21, 1999.


I couldn't aggree with you more about Noam Chomsky. I've reread some of his work which disgusted me at first and now I just find the train of thought so prevalent in the political realm as it unfolds. It is frightening.

Clinton Just works for the money. He has the backbone of a ninny and the spiral has escalated towards a greater NWO.

With or without conspiracy there is a breach of serious magnitude in the world today.

Lies, Lies and half truths.

Y2K is either the end or the beginning.

I think I'll go buy some more food this weekend.

God, I'm gonna miss my lifestyle.


-- Thomas G. Hale (, May 21, 1999.

People since the beginning have been idiots. Most are essentially fascists. You see it in families, you see it in condominium associations, you see it in village councils, .... you see it in the "top" levels of the U.S. government.

Technology and the growth of the humonguous nation-state have made "bigger and better" fiascos possible, and "bigger and better" psychopaths (that's what all our "leaders' are, in the U.S. and elsewhere, including Klinton).

Remember, in politics, the scum rises to the top.

-- A (, May 21, 1999.

Crono May I respectfully suggest that you read the paperback "Votescam, The Stealing of America"? By James and Kenneth Collier. An expose of the the corrupted voting system controlled by computers and computer prorammers. Most of we, the people, are not aware of how the Voters News Service and others control national elections or we would demand paper ballots .This is a well documented book and this scam has been going on too long!

-- Betty Alice (, May 21, 1999.


Perhaps he is:

(1) just clearing out all the non-y2k compliant ordnance inventory.

(2) trying to divert attention from his (lack of successful) domestic policies.

(3) building bridges to the Islamic countries.

(4) playing with toys that he doesn't understand...

-- Mad Monk (, May 21, 1999.

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