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Carla Emery, author of The Encyclopedia of Country Living, will give a free all-day intensive seminar on Saturday, June 19, 1999 in Washington, Virginia. It will be held at the Rappahannock County Public Library on Route 211 starting at 9:00 am.

Washington, Virginia is located about 70 miles west of Washington, DC (25 miles west of Warrenton, VA and 20 miles south of Front Royal, VA).

Come and sharpen your Y2K preparation skills.

-- Walt (, May 21, 1999


I've got a copy of her Encyclopedia Of Country Living. It's worth every cent......... that is if you can still get it

-- kevin (, May 21, 1999.

Kevin; YOU ARE A SMART MAN!!!!!!!!

-- FLAME AWAY (, May 21, 1999.


Can you email me or publicly post an address and phone number for the Rappahannock County Public Library. Also, may I arrive late without punishment? (smile)

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, May 21, 1999.

Directions to the Rappahannock County Public Library

From the Washington, DC, area:

Take Route 66 West to Exit 43A (Gainesville/Warrenton, Rt. 29 South)

Travel south on Rt. 29 to Warrenton. As you approach Warrenton you will see a Comfort Inn on your left. Directly opposite is an exit for Route 211/Business Route 29. Take this right exit.

Follow this road straight through Warrenton until the third stoplight at Howard Johnson/Shoneys on your right. At this stoplight, turn right (Rt. 211 West).

After about 24 miles, you will see a the library on the right. It is a white and brick building on a hill that is clearly marked as the library. If you get as far as the sign directing you into the Town of Washington, you went a few hundred yards too far.

Note: I advise bringing a lunch and a checkbook to buy Carla's book.

-- Walt (, May 21, 1999.


The puppy-sitter did not show up until after lunch. I was annoyed. Anyway, I regret not making it to the Rappahanock County Public Library... meeting you and Carla Emery. Do you know if she'll be speaking elsewhere? Will you be joining us on the next get together?

I'd appreciate if you could tell about the day long talk and mention any important insights that she had shared with you all. Perhaps, a new thread would be best. I'm sure every one here would like to read about it-- including Mr. Decker. He says he is a fan of Carla Emery.


-- Stan Faryna (, May 23, 1999.

Stan -- Walt said June 19th, not May 19th. The good news is you haven't missed it yet. That is, unless I've slipped a cog and lost a month somewhere!

-- Libby Alexander (, May 23, 1999.

get back up there

-- where do we meet if'n this forum closes? (cyclops@monovision.eye), May 29, 1999.

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