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I have been trying to build a media model profile for 10 mil poly. It looks great from the back as far as the colors. But the colors when viewed form the front seem to have a magenta color cast to them. We have an X-rite that I have tried to use to build a media model profile with for this media, but so far no luck. If anyone out there has had this problem before and knows how to solve it please help me out!!!

-- Anonymous, May 20, 1999


This problem only gets worse if you print with more than 4 inks,I used as many as eight on the Colorspan. Try reducing the magenta with a selective color adjustment tool like PhotoShop or reduce the magenta level within PosterShop color correction tools. You may notice that this effect tends to go away when you actually backlight the media. The last color applied to the back of the media is usually yellow so when viewed on the print side you don't see as much magenta which was applied earlier. Once you learn to compensate it's easy.

-- Anonymous, June 07, 1999

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