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Nearly all inventory/sales systems record historical sales grouped by month, week, etc. We all hear that 25% of Americans polled intend to put aside something, we're far enough into 1999 to be able to discern any obvious Y2K-spending, if it's really happened.

Does anybody here actually work (or is close to someone who does )at a Wal-mart, large grocery store, etc and can produce sales figures for the last 8 months for these items:?

Tuna, rice, beans, chili, dried milk, lanterns, Ramen, macaroni & cheese, sugar, flour, pasta, ammunition, and others?

I'd think rice, beans, and tuna would be the strongest indicators.

Thanks if anybody can help............

-- Lisa (, May 20, 1999


A friend of mine works in a gun store, and he says they are consistently selling out of ammo, especially .223 and 12 gauge 00. That kind of stuff sure isn't for pheasant hunting.

-- DMH (, May 20, 1999.

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