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I think someone may have already mentioned this guy in the past but he sounds like he's got his s%&t together.

-- rick (I', May 19, 1999


Good Lord, this is wonderful news. The link. This will solve the problem of people voting in Republican primaries, but then being forced to vote Democrat/Libertarian in the general, like myself, when the "wrong" Republican wins. Thanks.

-- Lisa (, May 19, 1999.

Not in a million years...

-- . (.@...), May 19, 1999.

Guy by the name of Dobson talked to the RNC a few (like 8) months ago, and stopped short of suggesting that they were going to have the same thing happen to them in the 1990's as happened to the Whigs in the 1890's, which happened to give birth to - - - - - - - wait for it - - - - - - - the Republican Party!

He indicated that they (the Focus on Family, Christian Coalition, etc.) had gotten out the vote, and the Republicans had said "Thankee very much" and gone and gotten away from the "promises" of the platforms, and the promises made "behind the scenes" as it were.

The local Christian station played the speech and it qualified as one of the best I have EVER heard. It TRULY took the Party to task. Course, they did about what they would be expected to do........


-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 19, 1999.

Without taking sides, it seems to me that the Republicans are collapsing.

They control both houses, yet the Speaker yesterday supported a gun control proposal of Clinton's.

I'm reminded of Goldwater's referring to the Republicans of the late 50's and early'60's as "me too Republicans" and "dime store New Dealers" - the point being, that if that's what people want, they will vote for the Democrats.

I missed the 60 Minutes report of Paul Weyrich the other night. Did anybody see it, and was it any good? I understand that the Christian right was saying that they now see involvement in politics (or maybe just the Republican Party) to be a waste of time. Correct?

-- GA Russell (, May 19, 1999.

"Without taking sides, it seems to me that the Republicans are collapsing."

As-is the Republic...

-- Anonymous99 (, May 19, 1999.

"...considering forming a third party centered on gun rights, national defense, school prayer, low taxes and opposition to abortion."

Same tired old Christian conservative rhetoric.

They insist on shooting themselves in the foot.

They talk about "the Constitution", but just like liberals -- forget it if it doesn't confirm to their pet dogmas.

If Christians/conservatives weren't idiots (but they are), they would be libertarian.

-- A (, May 19, 1999.


How does the following news item jibe with your libertarian principles? I'm not a religious person, but this anti-religious mind-control is far beyond the bounds of the non-establishment clause. This is why a third party has my vote. The 'pubs are not going to stop the repeal of the second amendment, and they're not going to stand in the breach to stop this affront to liberty:

'No God, and No Jesus'

5/18 Dan Patrick KPRC 950 AM Houston Texas

In Houston Texas today, KPRC 950 AM radio with host, Dan Patrick began discussing the orders handed down by Federal Judge, Sam Kent.

By the time this two hour discussion was over, people in Houston and the surrounding counties were mad as Hell at this judge because of what he has done to a High School in a near by community.

Judge Kent issued a restraining order which states that a student may say a prayer at the graduation ceremony for Santa Fe High School on May 28th, but any prayer that contains the words "God, or Jesus" or any diety will result in the student being arrested by Federal Marshals on the spot, and that student will spend SIX MONTHS in jail for violating the judeges orders. He went on to say a number of very mean statements including "You will wish you had died as a child."

This is the most profound case of documented abuse by a Federal Judge that I have ever seen! Here in Houston, we are hoping that 20/20, or some news magazine will quickly come here and make a story out of this for all of the country to see how an appointed judge can abuse the rights of many Americans. The graduating class of Santa Fe High is over 400 this year! That judge is violating the Free Speech rights and the Freedom of Religion rights of these Americans.

Dan Patrick, owner of KPRC 950 AM in Houston, talked with both Rush Limbaugh, and Mike Reagan about mentioning this story on their programs. Listen on Wednesday to see if anything is said about this incredible Judge, Sam Kent in Galveston Texas.

Judge Kent says he is calling in the Federal Marshals to stand by the stage, and if anyone says "God or Jesus, or the name of any other diety, those marshals will take that student to jail on the spot!


-- Dano (bookem@blacksand.srf), May 19, 1999.

Here in Texas? The buckle of the bible belt? Kent must have had some kind of medical reaction; nobody here in their right mind would say that sort of thing. Well, maybe in Austin, but certainly not Santa Fe. Good catch, Dano. Now I'm pondering where there are black sands in Tejas.......

-- Lisa (good@lord.holy_cow), May 19, 1999.

Nobody should be surprised that this happens in Texas - after all, there aren't any Texans left, are there? If there WERE any left, they wouldn't have let the Feds burn down a church with women and children inside.

After Waco, Texas deserves a judge like this.

-- . (.@...), May 19, 1999.

Dano, et al: There aren't enough people who are willing to mind their own business to enable this "civilization" to survive.

I'm a libertarian, but I realize that libertarianism has but a snowball's chance in a real hot place (some might say "hell").

As far as I'm concerned, dems, repubs, conservatives... all suck. They are all fascists under the skin -- just the "color" of their fascism is different. NONE of them are willing to let people alone, and are all to willing to try to get control of government to shove their pet agendas up everyone else's ass.

-- A (, May 19, 1999.

A is all too correct - currently, Fascists Rule. However, if those people who insist on sticking their noses into other people's busines started getting it cut off with any regularity, it might cease rather rapidly.

"You'll need a permit to..." BLAM.

"We'll need two forms of..." BLAM.

"License and registra..." BLAM.

Fascists of any stripe must be made to suck the pipe.

-- live (free@or.die), May 20, 1999.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if we see a split in the Republican party - the conservative Christians among us are getting very tired of voting for people who end up not supporting our values. Same for the gun owners among us. Indeed those such as myself who fall into both camps are getting downright fed up with the whole situation.

As it presently stands I would have a difficult time voting for a libertarian candidate, since the party espouses values which stand in direct contradiction to my own. I do know a few Christian libertarians, and I probably could vote for a pro-life libertarian, even if they weren't particularly Christian...but those are few and far between as well.

oh and shooting a few bureaucrats will do nothing except bring the rest of the bureaucratic machine down on one's head... The system itself must be changed, nothing less will have any lasting affects.


-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 20, 1999.

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