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I'm going to steal a theme from a document that will, probably, be widely available later on, and offer a Compact. I use the elder definition for the term Compact, and that would define it as a binding agreement among the signatories, arrived at in the presence of the Deity.
(doesn't matter which Deity you happen to call your own, though you Wiccans might want to consider Spirit for this, though if you've ben taught correctly, you are going to be more aware of the repercussions in breaking oaths and or giving your word without planning on keeping it than most of the rest of us.)

At the start I would ask that you save flames and comments, beyond the simple "I do so declare" for the companion thread, posted next to this one, with a similar title. Anyone who has grown up in NY understands the "I do so declare" that they write on the lower right hand corner of EVERY REGENTS TEST they take, is a short form of the oath that says they have not cheated on the test. Here, "I do so declare" will indicate an electronic signature to the Compact.

The reason I stopped here in July or August of 1998 was the level of discourse present here. What caught me, and why I stay was that level of engagement, that level of information examination and give and take which I found here. At the time, THIS was the place for "Reasoned, Thoughtful Discourse" as opposed to anywhere I looked on the net. c.s.Y2K was home to the flames of Paul and bks, with MUCH more heat than light. GN wasn't any better. Here, propositions were put forth, discussed and debated, and either allowed to die a natural death or carried on for a while longer before being quietly burried. This is NOT to say that these "debates" and "discussions" weren't spirited at times, as that would hardly describe some of them.

As the developments unfold, with Cap Gemini suggesting that there are SERIOUS problems in MANY organizations (and we have to remember that these are self-reported numbers, so you can apply whatever "filter factor" your approach might use to come up with your own truth) and other studies, polls and surveys have other "information"; as people become more aware, and start to look for data, as we get new people here all the time, we need to try to hold on to the idea of "reasoned, thoughtful discourse" which used to be the hallmark of the forum.

Now, this requires TRUE engagement, which is not without risk. Actually, TRUE engagement is EXTREMELY risky for ALL who attempt it, with the requisite intellectual honesty. The major risk is to the engager and his/her world view. If you engage with rigorous intelectual honesty, this means you are, regardless of how willing, at least ABLE to change your closely held beliefs, when in the presence of information, evidence, or data that contradicts your personal hypothesis. Lest anyone (on the companion thread) suggest that this might be a bit of the pot and kettle dialog, I will be the first to admit that, on occasion, I have been guilty of posts that did NOT ONE THING to further the goal of the Compact I am about to offer. I will, however point out that even adults can grow up. (One of my more recent mottos is "You're only young once, but you can be immature forever." I'm trying to NOT prove this one true. End digression)


WE, the below declared posters, do hereby acknowledge the need for thoughtful reasoned discourse on the Year 2000 issue.
We also hereby declare that we will make every effort to limit our contributions to this forum to those that further this goal and help to make this forum a haven for this type of discourse.
We further declare that we understand that the 2000 Issue is ubiquitous, has MANY facets, and connections; and will NOT occur in a vacuum.
We further understand that as in all things moderation and humor have their places.
Declared and attested to by the below posters, with either screen or full name, and effective on the date of the post, by the simple "I do so declare".

Please reserve reactive comments for the companion thread, where a copy of this will reside, and preserve this thread for the actual declarations. Chuck, a Night Driver

-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 19, 1999


I Do so Declare.

Chuck Rienzo, a Night Driver

-- chuck, a Night Driver (, May 19, 1999.

Chuck - I never would have guessed you were a fascist.

-- never mind (, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare.

-- Brooks (, May 19, 1999.

I do declare.

Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, May 19, 1999.

Y'all - I do declare.

-- Scarlett (, May 19, 1999.

I declare (and also refuse to feed the trolls)


-- Taz (Tassie, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare. (with this addition to accomodate the software)

-- Hardliner (, May 19, 1999.

Well I declare!

-- unpun@lright (, May 19, 1999.

"I do so declare!" ;-D


-- Diane J. Squire (, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare...

-- COBOL Dinosaur (, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare!!

-- pshannon (, May 19, 1999.

I Do so Declare.


-- Charon (, May 19, 1999.

I Do So Declare.

-- Tim (, May 19, 1999.

I declare too.

-- housemouse (, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare! (Not that I expect it to change things much.)

-- regular (zzz@z.z), May 19, 1999.

"I do so declare".

mb in NC

-- mb (, May 19, 1999.

Ah do so declare!

-- texan (, May 19, 1999.


-- Ken Seger (, May 19, 1999.

Boy, do I ever declare.

Great idea, chuck. Thanks.

-- Lewis (, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare

and cherish the opportunity to do so...thanks Chuck

Mike ===================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, May 19, 1999.

IDioTS!!!! WOuLd nOt DIEteR tHInk iT IS CHriSTmAs WItH aLL OF The decLarATINg goINg oN ARouND HErE?????? diETeR SHaLL noT DEClarATE!!!! JacKaLs!!!!! Why WOulD DIetER SIlenCE HimsELf??????? BEgoNE HyenAS!!!!

-- Dieter (, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare.

(A small whiff of '76? "...pledge our lives, fortunes, & our Sacred Honor....")

-- jor-el (, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare. (Now I know what Hardliner meant)

-- Bingo1 (, May 19, 1999.

I do declare!!

Bob P

-- Bob Pilcher (, May 19, 1999.

Count me in, I do so declare.

-- newbiebutnodummy (, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare, even though I don't care what they do in New York.

-- GA Russell (, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare (and I *live* in New York!) :-)

-- Bobbi (, May 19, 1999.

I do so declare

Arlin H. Adams

-- Arlin H. Adams (, May 20, 1999.

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