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I've already posted this one in the Printing and Finishing area, but things move a slower over there. Anyway...

I've been using Centennial POP from Chicago Albumen Works for a little while now with great success using the two part gold toner sold by Photographer's Formulary. My results are consistent and as predictable as they can be using POP, with anything from a warm-toned orange-brown to a very cold blue-grey tone possible with amazing regularity. Anyway, my question relates to other toners, specifically sellenium. When I attempt to sellenium tone, my results are less than pleasing. The prints seem to lack sharpness (accutance, really) in comparison to the very sharp gold-toned prints. Does anyone have any experience (or any theories) relating to this?

-- Chad Jarvis (, May 19, 1999


Hi Chad I don't really have an answer for you, but a couple of questions. What dilutions are you using for your selenium toning? Are you only selenium toning or are you toning with something else first, then selenium toning? What papers are you using, I have found some papers give less than pleasing results when selenium toned,(Arista for example bleachs out a bit when placed in selenium). How thorough is your wash cycle? If you will answer these questions for me I am sure we'll be able to find your problem.

-- jacque staskon (, May 21, 1999.

Uh... the paper I'm using is Centennial POP from C.A.W. Remember, this is POP, not developing-out paper. The paper gets RINSED then dropped right into the toner. I've tried everything from 1:20 to 1:500 dilutions with the same funky results, no matter how long I let the print sit in the toner. Naturally the tone changes with time, but lack-of-sharpness effect is always present. I guess I'm really asking why this happens for my own edification, as I'm really, really pleased with the results I achieve with gold toning.

-- Chad Jarvis (, May 21, 1999.

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