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I just damaged my FM2's shutter curtain accidently. Do you know how much for a replacement? My FM2 is quite old, so if the repairing cost is too high, I'd rather buy a new one. One of my friend told me the replacement of a FM2's shutter is about S$200. Is that so expensive? Thanks in advance!

R M Chen

-- R M Chen (, May 19, 1999


The shutter is a very delicate piece of component of any camera bodies. The repair cost can usually be quite high like your friend mentioned. It all depends on whether you would want to fork out the money to repair it or buy another similar body. I used to have a EOS500 whose shutter is faulty and I decided not to repair it because it is rather expensive.

-- Loh Wai Khong (, May 24, 1999.

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