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I am the happy owner of an Arca-Swiss F-line 4X5 view camera, and purchased the A/S compendium lens hood recently. The compendium has 6" slots on both front and rear for insertion of filters. I got a couple of A/S filter holders which fit into these slots, but the circular cutout in the middle of the holder is greater the 4"...the packaging indicates these holders are for 125mm (square) filters. Does anybody know if filter holders for 4" filters are availble for use with the compendium? Are 125mm filters readily available in the US (or even made anywhere)? I would like to be able to mount filters in the compendium itself since there is clearly the provision for doing so, and avoid having to use a separate, lens-mounted holder, which could possibly be a source of vibration as well as a bit of a hassle to use. Thank you for your help.

Sicerely, Ken

-- Ken Gewant (, May 18, 1999


Sinar made (makes?) high quality 125mm width resin filters.

-- Ellis Vener (, May 18, 1999.

I just found out from Mr. Martin Vogt of Arca-Swiss that they manufacture a metal 4" filter holder for the Arca-Swiss compendium. It accepts up to 4" X 6" filters, and allows rotation of the filter if desired. I have been pleased on more than one occasion to speak with Arca-Swiss in Switzerland, finding them to be most eager to help answer any questions. I have read elsewhere in this site about concerns regarding customer support from Arca-Swiss, and can only make postive comments regarding my dealings with them. The F-line camera is beautifully built and designed. It is MUCH more rigid that the Sinar F-2, which I was able to compare side-by-side with the Arca-Swiss at my favorite giant photo store in NYC. Thanks for the great web site, and for the response.

Sincerely, Ken

-- Ken Gewant (, May 19, 1999.

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